Soul Flow: Messages From Beyond the Veil

Maya Angelou


Hello beloved humans. I include all humans in this greeting as I can see that ALL are beloved from where I sit. We recognize that all humans may not appear to be beloved. Or worthy of being beloved. Please KNOW that all are worthy. But all humans are also wounded. And SO OFTEN the wounded parts show up MORE than the healthy parts.

If you can bring yourself to radiate love, radiate gratitude, radiate joy, then this radiation will be the MOST POWERFUL radiation on the face of the planet, in the Universe. Or as some like to say the Multi-Verse. Let us not limit ourselves. We understand that this practice of radiating may be challenging to you humans. Please know that the more you radiate, the more this oozes out to other humans. Each human can do this. For some it will be much easier than for others. And you can practice a little bit every day, even if just for 10 seconds. That is a start. See how it makes you feel. See how folks respond to you. Conduct some experiments.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This was my quote when I was embodied.

I want you ALL to know the power you all have. Yes, every single one of you. You can change you. You can LOVE you. You can RADIATE. “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Yep, me again.

These times are truly intense and scary. Be aware, but also try not to buy into the fear. Don’t perpetuate the fear mongering. Do what your heart tells you to do. Tap into your higher power. And at times this may feel or seem way off. Especially when it comes to what society says to do or feel or be. TRUST YOURSELF. Cultivate that beauty that is your wise self. That knowing self. Because who knows better for you, than YOU? BUT you must rigorously practice self love and self awareness and going within. “If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” Here is another of mine from when I was in body.

You can change the world JUST by BEING YOU. And KNOW that you must try to be very present in each moment. Things change rapidly and often in ways that humans do not understand. There is a big change coming. And you are a part of it. A HUGE part of it. RADIATE. Share that beauty that is YOU.

Remember. YOU are enough.

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


I have been hearing the call to write more often. It has been awhile. Exactly one month from today, I turn 64, so perhaps that has inspired me. I know the other thing is that I have recently been triggered by my mother and our relationship. And I felt called to check in with my granny, who was my mother’s mother. They had a challenging relationship but I feel that I will get some truth or enlightenment from a conversation with Granny. I called her my funny Grandma.

Granny aka Marian Elizabeth Copping

Hello dear. My funny granny daughter. It is right and good that you did not try to contact me sooner. I was in a long spell of schooling here in the other dimensions and unavailable for comment. And what comments I could give would NOT be helpful. I have been here now for about 10 years, not that your earth time means anything here. But just for a point of reference for you.

When I was on earth, I was unable to convey with extreme accuracy the awe and depth of the love I have/had/have for you. I think you felt it on a few levels but I was in an earthly body that could not share that love and joy. With you or anyone. Your mother was my first child and it was HARD FOR HER. I had her and her two sisters within 3 years. The first two girls did not get the attention from me that they needed. And your grandpa Roy REALLY wanted an heir to his throne. Yes, he thinks/thought he was a king. He really loved you, by the way! So your dear mama got NOTHING from us. She got all the residuals of shame and not good enough from both her parents. Her path is unique to her and we don’t really know if she will ever come to a balanced state of self love. She thinks that her path with “the Lord” is real and true. And perhaps this has saved her in one sense, but as you well know, she is unbalanced to say the least of it. YOU have known this your whole life. First you were born and she focused with extreme attention on you, in an unhealthy way. A smothering kind of way. Because she was looking to GET something. Not be a mother. Your father was not a good fit for her, but then again, I don’t know who would be. She is an extremely wounded being. Then your brother was born and he took ALL of the attention. ALL OF IT. And in some ways this gave you a reprieve.

You have always been an advanced soul. And coming into the lives of these two wounded beings, Jean and Jerry, was YOUR choice. You had a few choices and you chose this one as the most growth inducing. Also, you were there for your brother and your mother and father. But you completed that mission years ago. When your brother passed, you were complete. AND no, you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOTHER…..which she has been asking you ever since you were a tiny child.

We will laugh and say, “just say no”. Which you fortunately figured out several years ago. But no guilt. No shame. NONE. Let that rest. YOU COMPLETED THE MISSION. YOU COMPLETED THE MISSION. YOU COMPLETED THE MISSION. You are free and clear now. You get to dance with abandon. You get to sing with joy. You get to enjoy your life with zesty joy. You get to enjoy your beautiful hubby and beautiful son and daughter.

If you are able to get a counselor, it will not take many sessions to complete what is needed.

Even though your mother says she is not afraid of death, she is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of death. But know that folks will show her the way and she will be surprised at how different it will be than what she has been thinking. She will also go into a schooling period. She may or may not come back. That is yet to be determined.

So, don’t worry about your mama. Don’t take what she says seriously. Don’t believe anything she says. She has a huge grain/streak/part, okay a gargantuan part of her that is JEALOUS of you. You were able to figure out life. You have two amazing children who love you, who honor you, who want to be around you. You have an amazing husband who is your absolute best friend and loves and supports you WITHOUT QUESTION. He is your rock. She tried four times. And, as you know, she picked men, including all the boyfriends, who were useless and narcissistic and abusive. So, she found God in the animals. She found love in the animals. YOU already know this. But we want to reiterate it. She will do anything for them.

Let her be herself. Don’t try to change her. We know you are not, but don’t hold out any hope that she will change. Just limit your visits, always take Jim, only stay for about 2 hours. These are the guidelines that you have been getting, please stick to them.

She won’t really last much longer. She is EXHAUSTED. And not just from the cancer. But she is still clinging on. Love her from afar. We know this is a challenging one for you. Put her photo on your altar and send her love. She needs it. She is a seriously unhappy woman. And her pets are her only succor.

We’re sorry we did not give you funny tidbits. KNOW that we really loved being your granny. It was very special. And although we did not recognize that greatness and special person you are at the time, we KNEW there was something. It was not as threatening to us since we were a generation removed and older. Not like your mama.

Let your WISE WOMAN-CRONE self shine bright. RISE ABOVE the humdrum 3D world. YOU are NOT a part of that anymore. I/We love you forever and ever.

My granny and her granny daughter

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


Guru Nanak

This message from me, Nanak Dev, is a message of love and reconciliation. I have been in another dimension (dead to you humans) for almost 500 years. I was the founder of Sikhism, many like to say. I was the Baba, the papa and I still am. Many who are Sikhs, look to me as an inspiration. Many relate to me as their guru. I am not that. Although I have been called Guru Nanak for many many years.

And this is part of what I have come here to say. Be your own Guru. Be your own fabulous teacher of the Divine, because YOU are ALL of the divine. Yes, truly. If I have provided any inspiration and joy at all, then I have served my purpose.

Please know that if you found Sikhi through Harbhajan Singh, there is no shame in that. We can see from where we are (Beings in other dimensions we tend to say “we” because it is so often a collective of souls) that many were wounded and hurt by this man. We can see that his EARLY intentions were good and true. He was not strong. He got caught up in the worship given to him by all you humans. He pushed it to the max and while so many of you were pure and true and innocent, in many ways you gave him that power. The wounded must heal. The wounded souls that you all are, NEED to heal yourselves. In whatever way you can. It is time to move into your GLORY. Your ESSENCE that is divinity. Do whatever it takes to HEAL yourselves. If it is chanting and recitation of sacred sound, then use that. If it is therapy and talking to your friends and family, then use that. If it is wailing and screaming and wailing and screaming, then do that. NO ONE can judge what you need to do for yourself.

If you must throw out the turban with the baby, then do that. If you must throw out all practices that may have felt good to you, pause for a moment. Because this is one of our main points. PAUSE. PONDER. Does this feel good to me? Does this bring me joy? PAUSE. PAUSE. PAUSE. Try to separate yourself from anyone else’s ideas, anyone else’s experiences. What is YOUR experience? Ponder and pause with that. FEEL it in your BODY? Your divine body, that no matter the shape and size, is from the Infinite. We use this word deliberately. We will not use the word God because that is a trigger for so many. AND if you don’t believe in that shit, then don’t. It is all good. I know that this last sentence may not sound like the Baba Nanak that you know and love, but we are free flowing with current times and also, we are coming to you through Elizabeth, aka Sadhu, and at times her way of using language (which we love) will come through.

So, our final point, is that you were drawn to a man and path that may have been a saving for you in the larger scheme of things. You, on many levels, gave away your power, because you did NOT trust your soul. You did not completely and absolutely and unconditionally love yourselves. WE know that many want to continue in their anger…..and that is all good, that is perfect. THAT is a way of taking back your power.

So, take it back. Show that you can RISE ABOVE and be the radiant, light-filled, gorgeous, fabulous beings that you are NOW. YOU are it already, just acknowledge and embrace that being. YOU!

WE love you ALL unto infinity.

Guru Nanak.
Guru Nanak. 1st Sikh guru. Founder of Sikhism

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


Mother Mary-Mary Magdalene and The Beans and the M&Ms

This is primarily to women, but some of you men might relate and some of you men need to hear this. But mostly you women need to understand this. Quit obsessing about your body weight. Quit belittling yourselves and your sisters. Quit judging humans by the weight on their body. Why is this any different than judging someone by the color of their skin? There is systemic racism in this country, this world. AND there is systemic body shaming in this world. It is a kind of subtler hate. It is an accepted hate. It is easy to make fun of humans who have some extra weight and assume that they are lazy, they are bad, they eat too much. Perhaps there is MORE to their story. Just like all humans. There is ALWAYS MORE to the story.

Humans are so judgmental. Humans know that it is not okay to be racist. They know it is not okay to hate women. It is now not okay to hate gay people. They know it is not really okay to hate at all. But there is an insidious and deep hate toward humans who are big. It is as though all the hate stored up in their bodies is now directed towards big humans. We’ll say fat.

What does this say about the human race? So much body shaming. So much hatred. Is this now accepted? WE want to say NO. Just stop. Please let all the love in your hearts flow and encompass all humans. BUT you must start with yourself. When you feel a judgment come up, can you visualize it and see where it is coming from? Is this really a judgment on yourself?

Why is the body shaming so prevalent in the world? Why is it SO IMPORTANT to be thin? Thin does not equal healthy. Why is it not okay to show an appetite if you are a larger person? Why is this such a taboo in this society? And so often a larger person feels the shame and despair already and then feels it from the humans around them. Why bother? Why live?

This is a topic near and dear to Elizabeth as she comes to terms with her own body shaming of herself. Her own judging of others. Her own knowing that there may be something wrong with her if she cannot seem to get over her body shaming of herself. She keeps working at it. AND it has not quite clicked yet. She has tried to lose the menopausal weight and nothing impacts it. One of her last doctor visits was with a woman who was overweight and when she weighed Elizabeth, she told her to lose at least a few pounds because she was in the “obese” category. It was not “do you exercise?” “Do you eat healthy?” NO! It was all about the numbers on the scale. And there are studies to show that these numbers may be wrong.

So, young and old warriors, be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself FIRST. Examine your judgments. Examine your internal strivings. Do you REALLY think you need to lose weight or do you just need to LOVE yourself completely, unconditionally and with absolute joy and passion?

One last word, although this may come up again. Love your life. Enjoy your life. BE in JOY! AND for many that may include eating delicious foods. Taking a little walk in nature every day. Dancing. Taking a nap. Reading in the bathtub. Watching the news, or not. Reading a fun book. Reading a history book. Hanging with your puppy. Hanging with your honey. And it all comes down to BEING with yourself. YOU, the most wondrous, beautiful YOU. From where we are, we see you as radiant, beautiful beings. You may have a body, but we don’t see that. The more you love yourself, the more you shine. The more you love yourself the more you love ALL. Love yourselves EXACTLY as you are right NOW.

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Beautiful humans–

I could hang on no longer and my soul told me it was time to depart this earthly body. I was willing to hang in there for longer but I was told by those in the know, think higher entities, that it was TIME to go.

One woman cannot do it all. I appreciate the love and adoration that you have given me, but KNOW that you have it ALL inside you. YOU have the POWER, you have the strength. STOP looking outside yourselves. YOU are IT. If you don’t believe this, start cultivating your power, your inner knowing, your light. YOU HAVE IT. You just need to open your eyes and see. Listen to the truth of your soul. SEE who you ARE.

I had to leave because I was done but MAINLY because you all need to do the work. Are you rising up more than ever? Are you speaking up even more now that there is FEAR of what the current administration will do? Are you witnessing the greatest uprising in history? AND it will get more intense. So PREPARE YOURSELF.

One woman cannot do it for you. One person can inspire but you all need to inspire yourselves. I was but a candle flame or lit match that ignited many of you. Ignite each other. Share with each other. Stand arm in arm to defend WHAT YOU BELIEVE. We are watching and seeing the beautiful unification of all you hold dear. Please don’t buy into the earth existence as EXACTLY what appears. This can be misleading. If you can, remember a time in your life where you thought all was lost and then SOMETHING happened and things shifted and appeared miraculous. Hold onto that thought. There is more at work here than you can see or envision.

‘There are more things in Heaven and EarthHoratio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ Perhaps it seems a bit silly to quote Shakespeare, but this is an apt message.

As humans it is entirely appropriate to mourn me, my physical self, but let it be the start, the fuel to your flames. Your flames of outrage, of rising up, of awe, of anger, of “we’re not going to take it anymore”, your righteous indignation. Fan those flames.

I will come back with more. For now I am in a beautiful place and I AM in your hearts. Remember WHO you are. AMAZING AND POWERFUL. More than you know. So KNOW it.


Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


From: M&Ms, The Beans (my guides) and My Highest Self

Dearest Beloved humans–

We want to offer some advice for these difficult times. And we find it may be valuable for you all to recognize the blessing right now with your alone time, your quiet time, your time away from other humans. If you can or feel called, take this opportunity to GO WITHIN.

This is a time to go inward. This is a time to call on and cultivate your inner resilience. This is a time to LISTEN for your still small voice. This is time to HEAR your inner higher self. It is time to get in touch with your inner knowing because it will be needed in the times to come. It will be VERY NEEDED.

Times will be getting tougher for all. No matter the outcome of the US election, there will be strife and there will be issues. The side that “loses” will be extremely unhappy and there may be more rioting and protesting. Please be prepared for this to come. THIS is why cultivating your inner knowing is so important. It was ALWAYS important but it will be even more important as you navigate this new world. There are HUGE shifts happening now and continuing.

One of the things that we encourage you to do and it IS time, is to ALLOW all of your feelings. If you are forced inside because of COVID and/or smoke, let yourself FEEL. Allow those feelings and love on them. Love them and honor them. All feelings are valuable. All feelings are part of who you are. AND so loving them is so important to release. They just need a little loving attention. Hug them, love them, kiss them. RELEASE. *

And if it helps, imagine yourself and all those lovely feelings completely engulfed and soothed by the most loving, softest, perfect temperature angel wings. Feel the comfort they give. Feel it as the most comforting of blankets. It is soothing and healing.

We do recognize that as humans in your society, you are trained to be busy and to AVOID the painful feelings. If you can, practice sitting with the hard feelings like pain, shame, despair, anger and sadness and love on them. Take a few seconds every day and do that and we promise it will change your life. *

Also, please remember that loving yourself is of VITAL IMPORTANCE. Spend moments each day appreciating and loving yourself. This will help break down any barriers to loving ALL of your neighbors. If you are feeling hate or anger towards anyone, LOVE yourself FIRST. Love yourself unconditionally and beautifully just as you are RIGHT NOW. As you wallow in this practice, you will feel immense shifts toward LOVE. Do not let anyone dissuade you from this VERY IMPORTANT practice. Call it a meditation, if you will. But this is the most important of your life.

We love you immensely and with great esteem and joy!

Michael J. Lincoln. My mentor. Passed to another dimension and is now with AA Michael. They call themselves the M&Ms.

*As I used to say back when I was in body, “tiny targets”. Michael J. Lincoln.

*Imagine I am holding you. I am here for you always; ALL WAYS. AA Michael

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

From: A collective group of multi-dimensional souls


Dear Ones-This is a collective message from many beings who have passed to another dimension. Elizabeth was hearing many people coming through but could not ascertain who the distinct individual was. That is because this is a collective of souls who have chosen to stay in a multi-dimensional space and not reincarnate back into human form.

We want to assure you of the rapidly shifting aspect of your planet. WE say this to you at this time because it feels as though NOTHING is changing. Nothing is shifting. IT IS INDEED. ON the surface in 3D time it feels as though you are watching ice floes melting. We do indeed understand. And we laugh a little because you humans are so often impatient. You want things now. AND we also recognize that many of you have been working hard in this lifetime and previous lifetimes for these moments. Please trust that there is HUGE SHIFTING happening now.

You may only see chaos right now in this earth plane existence. BUT if you could see as we see from the other dimensions, you would SEE that although it APPEARS chaotic, there is much afoot towards HUGE CHANGE. WE want to encourage you all to keep on keeping on…..keep protesting, if you feel called. Keep writing those postcards to get out the vote. Keep posting enlightening messages on your social media places. Keep speaking up for what YOU THINK is right. Keep standing up for your fellow humans. Keep donating to causes that speak to you. WHATEVER you feel is a joy thing for you. Keep on doing it.

AND this is the key. It must feel like a joy thing. JOY is a key for liberation, for movement, for shifting. Humans were not made to only feel the pain. Humans can ALL tap into it; you are made to feel EXTREME JOY! Hug your kids, hug your honey. Hug your dog. Blow yourself kisses in the mirror. Send a happy joyful thought to your neighbor. WHAT is it that brings you joy? Before doing anything, pause for a second and feel if that action might bring you joy. Is it ice-cream for breakfast, popcorn for dinner? Is it taking a long bath or reading a good book? Or is it both at the same time? Watch a child and see how they are magnets for joy. Be silly!

YOU HUMANS will know what it is. PLEASE KNOW that finding and being in your joy is a NECESSITY. This is not random, this is not narcissistic, this is not selfish. THIS IS NECESSARY.

So, be in your joy, because that is HOW the world is being saved. AND you can be in your joy and learn new things. Learn about people who are not appearing exactly as you. REACH OUT. Meet new humans. Share your joy and ignite others. Be open. Open your heart WIDE.

This is a time of Armageddon and also a time of GREAT SHIFTING. The world must collapse as it HAS been and so it can be built and created anew. THIS IS VITAL.

So, be at peace. TRUST the shifting. TRUST even if you can’t see the shifting.

WE love you all!

The collective group who, when human, appeared very different from each other.

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

Michael J. Lincoln aka Narayan Singh

with assist from AA Michael


Beloved humans. Silly humans. Amazing humans. All of the above.

We are not meaning to be disrespectful or mean, but we see all your sides and we see that you are in a hard position where the world is going CRAZY (appearing) and you are all trying to hang on by the hair of your chinny chin chin. Time to trust.

We say, FREE FALL! We want you ALL to understand that from where we are, the world is acting perfectly and as it needs to SHIFT SHIFT SHIFT. This is a time of Armageddon and this calls for major destruction of all old systems, old paradigms, old ways. AND it feels freaking insane and scary. F’in INTENSE.

In order to get through it in a way that is more comfortable, what we will tell you will FEEL contradictory and counter intuitive. Ready, get set, GO!

FREE FALL!!!!!!!

We want you to imagine jumping off that cliff and going into FREE FALL and trusting, yes TRUSTING, that all is perfect. ALL is divine. All is as it NEEDS to be. The “net” is there, waiting for you to jump. As you jump, you will have many feelings of OH SHIT as you feel yourself flying through the air (metaphorical). AND you may even yell, OH SHIT, many a time in the next time period. Let it rip. Let yourself yell but also fling yourself out into space. We WILL catch you. AND we also want you to know that YOU will catch you.

Trust in this process of destruction. Keep doing what you need to do, voting, speaking up, calling out racism and sexism and all the other isms. AND let yourself fly! When you go in to worry mode, imagine you are flinging yourself off a very high cliff. And, if it helps, find a photo of a cliff that would suit for this imagery.

Humans are so often afraid of the physical form being harmed. Pain, yes, pain is a scary and not a fun thing. BUT we want you all to feel a bit disengaged from that idea. If you want to imagine your SOUL flying off a cliff, that would work very well……

As Elizabeth writes this, she is imagining flinging herself—FREE FALL—off a cliff and when she did that she saw the image of herself being caught by the most lovely, comforting and softest of wings…….And she could feel a release in her whole body……

Take some DEEP breathes and FREE FALL……

We are here for you darling humans, you silly (worrying) humans. You DIVINE humans.


Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


Audrey Hepburn

Beloved humans—I now know in this new way of being that I wished I had been even MORE joy-filled in my human 3D life. My new way of being in this other dimension is a lighthearted and soulful and amazingly joy filled experience. I NOW see that I could have embraced that way even more when I was in human form. It is lovely and so beautiful to be able to see, to look back at the time in human form. In this dimension we have no regrets. We have no sorrow about past times or past adventures. There is no looking back in the human sense. Because we can see from here that all was perfect. All the humans were perfect.

What I really want to share now is the idea of human perfection. And we use this word perfect for a reason. Humans have this idea that perfect is unreachable but they still seek it. So, sorry, dearest humans, but you are WRONG. What I really want you to see is how EXTRAORDINARILY PERFECT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Exactly as you are NOW. If you could see through my eyes the amazing perfection of YOU, you would feel so happy, so filled with peace, so joyful, so thrilled with the idea that you don’t have to seek. You can let go of seeking. Because you are there. You are here. To use Elizabeth’s favorite word, “wallow in your perfection”. Don’t analyze it. Don’t even ponder or hesitate for a second. You are a perfect LOVE being or LOVEBEAN, as Elizabeth likes to say.

So, WOMEN……..I hereby want to pronounce that you ESPECIALLY need to listen to my encouragement in noticing your perfection. In wallowing in your perfection. In KNOWING your perfection. This is a critical time for humanity. There are many changes and shifts afoot. One of which is the patriarchy shifting. So, as you STAND STRONG in your perfection, this aids in the shifting. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. YOU ARE PERFECT. I know that many of you looked at me as a very thin woman and wanted that for yourself. I had so many other issues that the fact I was thin, meant almost nothing to me. I smoked like a chimney. I had huge, horrible to me, feet. I felt a lot of shame and despair about myself and about the world. From where I am now I can see your immense beauty in all its shapes and forms. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stand in your radiance, stand in your perfection.

It will help, as you look in the mirror, to tell yourself: I am perfect. I am divine. I am amazing. Look into your bright beautiful eyes and LOVE ON YOURSELF. Keep doing this. Keep doing it until you believe it.

That is all for now. Your radiance is blinding. Thank you!

Brilliant portrait by Irving Penn (one of my all time favorite photographers.)

Soul Flow: Message from Beyond the Veil

Jeshua *


Dearest Humans–

Please pause before you take as “gospel” anything that the so-called Christian humans say in my name. PAUSE. The energy of my soul is not in sync with what most “Christians” think or believe or say or all of the above. Elizabeth is fond of saying that Jesus would be having a heart attack around the things said in my name. I laugh. She is correct in a sense. My message has been almost completely lost. But, where I am at we don’t have heart attacks or even feel any kind of worry about what is happening in 3D. So, although we do get a kick out of her words, we really are not concerned.

I am ALL about LOVE. I would request that before taking any steps towards interaction with your fellow humans, that you would consider pausing. Pause and see if you feel the love. Do you feel the love? If yes, then move forward. If no, then STOP. Part of the key towards BEING and COMING from Love is LOVING YOURSELF FULLY, COMPLETELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY. Because if you don’t do that, then you cannot love your neighbor. If you cannot love your neighbor, then you cannot love your friends. If you cannot love your friends, then you cannot love your enemies. If you cannot love your enemies, then you cannot love your family. And there are times when you family feels like your enemy. There is NO reason why you have to be close with your family, your enemies. I use the word enemies, which is a very strong word, just to indicate that everyone feels that they may have enemies. But, as you love yourself, you will notice a cessation within yourself of any hate filled thoughts toward what was once considered your enemy. And while on the love trail, you may find that there will be some who will be perturbed by you, incensed with you. They want to stay in their hate. Do not worry.

WE want to be very clear that you don’t have to be around any humans to send them love. Again, tune into your love-o-meter, to see who you want and need to be around. AND follow that love-o-meter. That is your gauge of where you need to be and what you need to do and who you need to be with. Perhaps right now you have two people you want to be with. That is totally fine.

There is so much happening in your world right now and it would be SO EASY to get caught up in the fear and the worry. Please feel at peace. Find that place within you and plug yourself in. If you feel agitated reading or listening to the news, STOP. If you feel agitated or unglued or triggered when you see someone who is not in sync with your energy, STOP. You don’t owe anyone anything. You only owe it to your fabulous DIVINE self what is perfect for you. AND each human is different. Take each day as it comes. Each day and each human interaction may be different. THAT is completely fine. Check in with the love-o-meter REGULARLY.

WE leave you now and we will be here again. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask through my conduit, Elizabeth.

I love you completely and with huge abandon and completely unprejudiced.

* At times we say ‘we’ and at times we say ‘I’. This is the collective energy of Jeshua, which includes angels and spirit guides.