Opening to Other Realms – Jay’s Story

Remembering to share my love. Great reminder that all we can really do is LOVE!

Thanks Kimberly for coming out and sharing your gifts with the world. Love to you and Richard—dear Light Brother and Sister Goddess.

Kimberly Wright

Hello Everyone and welcome to the new blog. My partner Richard Anthony and I will both be managing and posting articles. Eventually we’ll be sharing excerpts and videos from the sessions. We also receive a lot of feedback from people after the sessions and we will begin sharing some of those stories through this blog. It is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

The first story I’d like to share came in after the last group healing session in Los Angeles on August 28, 2013. Jay had never been to anything like this before. His story is long but well worth the time to read. It was copied directly from an email sent to his family and their responses. It is entirely unedited other than a few typos or grammatical errors that were corrected. The names of his family members have been changed for privacy.

This is such a beautiful…

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