East Bay Eateries… a weekend getaway

Yum!!! Great to have some great choices in SF-Bay Area! We go there several times a year!!!

Conscious Cookery with Siri Ved

A weekend trip to the Bay Area is the perfect remedy for the Bako blues! Hubby and I went up last weekend to visit our daughter, see her new apartment, and go to a Warriors basketball game. We managed to fit all that in, plus go out to eat at some of our fave dining spots and try something new too. So here’s the rundown on where and what we enjoyed on our little 48-hour trip.

First of all the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and all points within 50 miles or so) is food lovers’ heaven. We live in Bakersfield (transplants from L.A.) which, contrary to popular belief, is truly a great place to live, except for a few small issues…  1) the food culture is lacking (growing, but still lacking)… not very many good restaurants and limited choices for non-meat-eaters; 2) the air is about the most…

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