Ditching the Rules

Oh yes!! Perfect! Thank you, Sharon Lyn! So very well said!!

Divine Musings


We’ve grown so accustomed to living within the boundaries of rules we can’t imagine living without out. And yet… as children we were constantly pushing against the rules because we knew ourselves as free beings who create life in the moment, free of the human constructed boxes attempting to contain us. Remember those days? Digging in your feet as a two year old expressing your emphatic “NO”.

That, my friends, is where we are once again!
It’s time to say “NO”, I don’t fit into your man made boxes and rules, I never did, and now I’m jumping ship to fly freely.

For the past few years the vibration of the planet has been increasing. . . and human consciousness has been expanding along with it, moving us beyond the constructs of the old regime that no longer works for us. I have felt the hands of Love and Compassion…

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