The Home Office Knows

Dear ones—Who or what is the Home Office? The Home Office is also known as God/Universe/Source Energy/Goddess/Inner Guidance/Heart/etc. My dear friend and mentor Michael likes to say that The Home Office will work it, no need to try to do anything…….No worries, no stress, don’t push it…………..the Home Office is taking care of it all.

What is fun, is that I don’t even think about it anymore. Because I know that the Home Office IS taking care of it. This is an interesting concept and one that is baffling at times. Does this mean that I don’t do stuff? NO!

How I see it. We are traveling at the speed of light but must be present every second. Things are changing so rapidly, shifting so speedily, that we must be present in every second. It is not about living day to day anymore. Second by second. Do xxx, pause, do xxx, pause. Look for the signs. Feel your inner guidance telling you where to go/what to do. What is needed? AND as we go down this ultra conscious and slow path (still shifting with the speed of light) …..we see signs or are led EXACTLY where we are supposed to go.  We ARE human, after all. AND in our humanness, we are a bit limited. So, let it rip and let the HO take care of paving the way……towards ????

We think of things as good or bad. But are they really? A dear friend just fell and broke his hip. Oh no! My angels assured me that he is being taken care of and that this is perfect for him in his state of healing right now. He needed to be immobilized!  I was fired from my job 8 years ago. Was it bad? Yes, who wants to be fired? BUT…….I was taken out of a job that basically was killing me, out of a profession that I poured my heart into and was harsh for me. It was during the economic crisis, so that was horrible, right? NO! I got unemployment insurance for 2 years! I learned a new career as a Life Coach. I am now the Joy Coach with angelic guidance as the Angelic Ambassador of Joy. new-biz-card-joy-coachYAY! Could I have imagined this? No! Could I have orchestrated this? NO!

Anyway, let the Home Office be your guide………………We love you!



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