Perfect! Beautifully said! Wherever we go, there we are……including our fears, eh? heehee

I am at this super interesting place now where I just don’t feel afraid anymore………..I love it! I have spent so much of my life worrying and feeling fearful. YAY!

Your blog always seems so synchronous with what I am getting/feeling. I love it!

I have been talking a lot about our humanness and how we are limited in that…..trying to fit into that old 3D world…..just ain’t cutting it anymore……I am flying and flowing. My guides, The Beans, like to “flowing with the go”. 🙂

thank you sistar goddess!!!

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

F.E.A.R = Feeling Emotions And Responding.  As humans, we have been responding to fear all our lives, in fact, for lifetimes.  Much of what we did or didn’t do was in response to a fear.  From what foods we should eat, to buying health insurance, to owning weapons. From how we should appear to others, to how much we need to conserve our money.   From taking a job that doesn’t feel joyful, to electing a politician because they promise some sort of ‘protection.’  Even saying prayers is a form of ‘protection.’

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