Are you a God or Goddess of Joy? Sharon Lyn Shepard @ Divine Musings

Oh yes, sistar goddess, oh yes! I have also been on the JOY bandwagon! I call it creating your snail trail of joy……we leave it behind for others……………….I was given the title by my angel posse of Angelic Ambassador of Joy and recently it came to me that I am the Joy Coach. Wooooooohoooooo! Love finding my crowd here…………<3 ❤


Joy Faerie

Are you a God or Goddess of Joy?

I find it interesting that there are no Goddesses, Gods or Angels of Joy. Over the years I’ve called upon Mother Mary, the goddess of love, to support me in opening my heart. I’ve called upon Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion to facilitate my non-judgement. I’ve called upon Kali-ma, the goddess of destruction to assist me in letting go of the old. I’ve called upon Ganesh to amplify my abundance. And so the list goes on. . .

I’ve spent years doing all the heavy lifting with the support of all these wonderful Goddesses to uplift and enlighten me. So when I wanted to call upon a Goddess of Joy, I could not find one. I scanned all the religions and did not find a single Goddess of Joy. When I googled it there were a few goddesses with Joy piggy backing…

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