Embodied Enlightenment: Why Wait?

Oh yes, sistar goddess!!
‘But at a certain point it’s to let that all go and just say, “what the hell! I am just going to go for it!  I am going to just love me just where I’m at and allow my soul to come in and see what happens.”’
“And along the way I have discovered as I just allow, it sets up a dynamic in which my soul gets the green light and comes in even closer.  Then I feel great and carefree and it seems to open up a desire to express.  And then to share those expressions.  And that place is delicious.”
I like to call it profound allowing…….:-)
We are divinely and perfectly perfect EXACTLY as we are right NOW!
love you and thanks for sharing your beautiful wisdom.

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

girl-1691539_1280 image from www,pixabay.com

On my own journey of ascension, of embodying spirit, I have discovered some things that surprised me.  One being that my soul, my Divine I Am is just wanting to love me, and not just a kind of ‘New Agey’ Hallmark moment love.  But a deep, respectful, abiding and unconditional love.  She wants to feel my essence as much as I want to feel hers.

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