The Series Finale

Dear sistar goddess——-Love this! Cracking me up! I am completely obsessed with Call the Midwife right now. I had both my kids at home and at one point really wanted to be a midwife. Now I help humans to birth their most joyful life! 🙂

I love what you say in your whole post but this one…… “And that’s when you invited Spirit to come into your life. You couldn’t stand watching those re-runs a moment longer! And then of course all hell broke loose. Your writers quit, your acting crew committed mutiny. Your ratings began to drop, and cancellation of your old ‘show’ was imminent.” 🙂 Oh yes oh yes!!!!

Shake it up……shake it up…..shake it up!

love love love and joy joy joy!

Delighted to be in this healing healing healing

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

I love binge watching TV shows on Netflix and Amazon.

Many of these shows have eight or more seasons, so I can really sink my teeth into them.  But when I get to the series finale, there’s this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t want to watch that last episode.  Because that’ll be it!  Show over.  How sad.

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