I read this post election and it helped me so much and gave me so much comfort!!!


Also, listening to Brenda Hoffman’s blog talk radio is also comforting.


I have also created a Facebook page called Love Revolution which you can find here. All about sending love, being love, sharing love…..focusing on loving ALL! A support group. dolphin-energy


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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing this link for this channelled information concerning the U.S. elections with Brenda Hoffman who, in turn, shared it with her readers on Spirit Library.
    It validated much of what I was feeling and receiving, and it made it much easier to share that information with others in a way that made sense. It has been passed on to many, giving comfort and a Higher Vision to those who were feeling fear and despair. It lessened the pain on the planet, and raised awareness, calm and understanding.
    Thank you for sharing your Light and your awarenesses with us ALL.
    Blessings, Light and Love,
    Liza Elliott


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