Howdy Pardners!

Hello dear ones—my guides, The Beans* and my other team Michael J. Lincoln (now in another dimension) and AA Michael (calling themselves the M & M’s) have been wanting me to sit down to share a message. We are feeling much joy at the reaction by many to this shift in your 3D world. Many of you are going towards love. Many of you are going towards service, many of you are going toward being a Beacon of Light. Many of you are going towards finding more joy in your life. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! WE are all shaking our pom poms and putting sparkles upon you! Elizabeth keeps hearing Mother Teresa saying “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”. And it is so lovely to see you all rallying towards peace and joy and seva (service).

This shake up is a divine inspiration. This shake up is shaking folks up in a big way and helping to create connections. Helping to create uncomfortableness, helping those of privilege to see what needs to change. Helping those of complacency to feel that pea under their mattress and KNOW they must do something about it.

Oh beautiful humans, please also know that everyone does their service and their work in divinely different ways. Follow your joy! Follow your peace! Follow your love! One friend of Elizabeth’s is going to spend some time in a pre-school. Another friend feels called to sponsor a Syrian family. The time now is not by the book. WE are all writing a new book. And the key is following your joy…….no need to wallow in the suffering and harrowing adventures of the news. You MUST follow your joy in order to help yourself and therefore help others. Remember the oxygen mask…….find your joy, then help others find theirs. And it is not even a concentrated effort so much as it is just flowing those bread crumbs to wherever they may lead you. JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY……….Feel this in your body…….

If you are not quite sure what you are to do…..practice a bit. Hmmmmm….shall I sponsor a family… does that feel in your body………..and this is not about shoulds. This is about joy. Elizabeth has been thinking about teaching kids how to meditate…..and using some movement along with it.  Elizabeth is helping to organize a couple of dance weekends. That brings her HUGE joy! WE feel that you get the picture.

WE love you immensely and with great JOY!

The Beans and the M & M’s

The Title Howdy Pardners just popped out and they tell me that we are ONE! They love being a bit (or a lot) silly.

*The Beans often include AA Michael, my spirit guides, Dolphin guide, Mother Mary, Jubal (all the incarnations of Jeshua) They are a roving band of merrymakers. dolphin-energy

4 thoughts on “Howdy Pardners!

  1. I came across this post by chance, as I, friend, am just staring to WAKE UP, clearing the slumber from my face, my body, my heart, and getting out into the world to do my part, to bring my light to whoever and wherever I can. And it’s not just me! Names keep popping into my head of people that I haven’t spoken to/seen/thought about in AGES. But it won’t stop until i find them, and when i do! THEM TOO! This is the most incredible thing that is happening…and Im so glad, and blessed, and fortunate, that it’s happening to me! I read this, and I KNEW it was true…i felt it! Thank you for this friend…


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