Gratitude EVERYDAY-Wallow in it.

Hello dear ones! The angels asked me to remind us that even though Thanksgiving Day (USA) is tomorrow, perhaps a little gratitude EVERYDAY is in order. They are saying that especially with so much chaos in the world right now it is important to find your JOY. There is so much strife and fear and anger and angst and many are wondering where their joy went.

Take a little moment each day, at the beginning if you wish, to find a joy thing. Perhaps it is just your delicious hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day. Perhaps you meet eyes with a stranger across the produce at the grocery store and you share a little smile. Perhaps it is the fact that you have lodging and food.

You get the picture…….wallow wallow wallow in joy and gratitude. The little things are BIG! Notice how it makes a difference. Notice your joy increasing…….cultivate your joy!

We love you to the stars and solar system and all over the place. Huge huge huge LOVE!


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