Our Journey To Enlightenment

Dear sistar goddess! Love hearing about your journey! And I love being part of this community. Joy joy joy!

I got a new title from my guides/angels Tuesday….. Warrior Goddess of Joy!

I have been hearing over and over from the Beans (my guides) that are human imagination and ideas about what we can do are a bit limited. So many things have happened in a much BIGGER way, in an awesome way, that I could not have visioned. Letting go……. Letting Goddess-Universe-Home Office-Inner Voice-Source Energy…….

Love you!

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

narrative-794978_1920 image credit pixabay.com

Our journey to our enlightenment is as varied as is each of us…..each a unique ‘snowflake’ traveling a road that has twists and turns, detours and pitfalls, beautiful, expansive vistas as well as dreary, confining environments.   But each experience was just a step closer to our enlightenment.

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