Befriending The Discord

Love love love! So right on again, as usual, dear Sistar Goddess!!!! So beautiful! So confirming. Ended up connecting with a kindred on the train yesterday. We talked for 7 hours!!!! And talked about what you say here….. Loved this! “And as the mind slowly lets go of its controls, it will feel into the beauty of the discord, the freedom of that energy.” Wooooohooooo!!!

Wallowing in gratitude and joy and love!
Warrior Goddess of Joy
Spirit Translator-Psychic

(I AM supposed to share my gifts and the Angels are instructing me, and all, to shout it from the rooftops.)

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

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This ascension, embodied enlightenment process has a way of blowing up our life as we knew it.  And of course our mind is having a hard time with it. And it’s reflected in our body.  Maybe our finances, relationships, job, and on and on.

Everything has been disrupted.  And our mind keeps trying to make sense of it.  It keeps trying to figure out how to make this transformation smoother, more graceful, less painful.  And that mind truly believes that will happen if it keeps trying to find order in the chaos.  That is what our mind loves doing above all, is to order things, label things, organize things.  It is most comfortable when things are formulaic and predictable.

It may be boring, but it is safe.

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