Being here now

My beloved hubby and I are here in Iowa helping with his elderly parents. They are 96 and 97 and just moved into a nursing home. It is challenging. It is very challenging being away from home and our routine. Sometimes I just want to sit and read a good book. 

We are honored to be here and helping. But it can be so hard to see Mother confused and completely freaked out at times, afraid that she is being poisoned. Dad is pretty frail and just doesn’t get around like he used to and worries about Mother. 

It makes me ponder death, also. They never expected to live this long. I really believe that Mother is ready but is waiting for Dad. After all, she has been taking care of him for 75 years! I had a vision of them, lying in bed, holding hands and they are released to another dimension at the same exact, together. 

My hubby found this beautiful art, so descriptive of my vision of what I want for Mother and Dad. 

So, what is the lesson here? Being present. Wallowing in gratitude for all that I am and all I have. Appreciation of life and health. Flowing with the go, as my guides like to say. Love me. Love my neighbor. Acknowledge and share my gifts. And I feel even more determined to stay healthy, do regular fun exercise, eat good clean fun food, and most especially find the JOY everywhere. This doesn’t seem so hard. 

Much love to us all!


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