BE YOU and Dance!

Dear ones—-we say to be YOU and dance because that is ALL you can do. AND that is what you  must do! When we say dance, that will mean something different for everyone. Some of you will actually dance……some of you will be about your day as a kind of dance. But when we say dance, we expect that you may feel the joy of that word. So, what we are telling you is that you are BEING you and you are DANCING……..BEING you with  JOY!

Do you get it? We are ALL dancing through life. That is what we are doing. Sometimes it feels awkward and sad and hard. That is when you are NOT BEING YOU. That is when you are trying to please others. So, when you are BEING YOU, then you are feeling the joy! You are in YOUR NOW moment……every single moment. Do you get it?

This is a short little message today. And please know that we love you more than you can fathom (soon, you will KNOW) …..BEAUTIFUL, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Just what you are cultivating for yourself!!!!!

For giggles—


love, The Beans*, M&Ms* and Elizabeth

*The Beans are my group of guides which most often includes Mother Mary, Jubal (all the incarnations of Jesus), Dolphin Spirit  Guide-Cleo, AA Michael, amongst others.

*The M&Ms are AA Michael and my dear Michael J Lincoln, who moved to another dimension in October.

*Elizabeth is a Psychic and Medium and the Warrior Goddess of Joy


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