Diving Deep

Oh my gosh…..here we are again, dear sistar goddess! I just posted a blog yesterday which is so similar…..and then I did a Facebook Live where I talked about a very similar thing. love the synchronicities. Love you!!!!! THANK you! YOu always say it so beautifully! So confirming…..muah muah muah

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

tank-1838199_1920 image credit Pixabay.com

Most people live life on the surface.  They may appear to have various experiences, but really their depth of knowing themselves, of  knowing their soul is limited to perhaps going to church or philosophizing about spirituality.  Most people have not yet given permission to dive deep.  To go for the experience.  They go just so far, and then they stop themselves.  That’s fine.  Most people are not ready.  It’s simply not their time.

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