Embrace Your Sacred Sensuality

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img_0440 Artwork by Maria Chambers

Traditionally spirituality and sensuality were polar opposites.  Spiritual practices for the most part didn’t involve the sensual nature of the physical body, and of life itself.  In fact, the body was seen as impure, as base, and as something that just got in the way of being spiritual.  It was seen as something to ‘transcend’.  It seemed higher spiritual ideals did not include enjoying a sensual lifestyle!  Of savoring life through all the physical senses.

But, embodied enlightenment is all about being very sensual. Our soul is all about sensuality.  The ability of a soul to express that sensuality through a physical body is incredible.  And it’s one reason we are here.  As souls we wanted to dive deep into the physical experience.  Now we have an opportunity to rekindle a passion for life, but not by creating artificial passions, but simply by allowing our soul to…

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