Being here now

My beloved hubby and I are here in Iowa helping with his elderly parents. They are 96 and 97 and just moved into a nursing home. It is challenging. It is very challenging being away from home and our routine. Sometimes I just want to sit and read a good book. 

We are honored to be here and helping. But it can be so hard to see Mother confused and completely freaked out at times, afraid that she is being poisoned. Dad is pretty frail and just doesn’t get around like he used to and worries about Mother. 

It makes me ponder death, also. They never expected to live this long. I really believe that Mother is ready but is waiting for Dad. After all, she has been taking care of him for 75 years! I had a vision of them, lying in bed, holding hands and they are released to another dimension at the same exact, together. 

My hubby found this beautiful art, so descriptive of my vision of what I want for Mother and Dad. 

So, what is the lesson here? Being present. Wallowing in gratitude for all that I am and all I have. Appreciation of life and health. Flowing with the go, as my guides like to say. Love me. Love my neighbor. Acknowledge and share my gifts. And I feel even more determined to stay healthy, do regular fun exercise, eat good clean fun food, and most especially find the JOY everywhere. This doesn’t seem so hard. 

Much love to us all!

You’re the Parent Clearing Boogeymen Now

Joy Beacon/Warrior Goddess of Joy here……😀😀😀💜💜💜

Loved it. And this spoke to me. “Change your perceptions. Think for yourself. Ignore naysayers and doomsday predictors.”

Oh yes oh yes!!!

Again, very confirming. Awesome blog.

Love you

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Summary of Brenda’s November 30, 2016, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at   My next channel will be Friday, December 16. Many believe they must carry loved ones through their dark night of the soul. You can’t do so without both losing your places. Just as a parent doesn’t protect a child learning to walk from falling by carrying them for doing so will prevent that child from walking. Your role now is the same we performed as guides and supporters during your initial transition stages. Holding your light high is all that is required.

“Who Will You Choose?” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you wish to rewind your personal clock, to start over. Such…

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Lady Nada: Dust off your Joy with Gratitude ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

So perfect! So synchronous!
Thank you dear Fran!!

Love you

Our Emerging Divinity

Received December 2, 2016

gratitude-painting-by-melina-del-marLady Nada: Greetings Beloveds,

I come before you today to encourage you and uplift you in these challenging times. Many of you have been discouraged of late and thus your energy may be lowered and it may take a lot for you to uplift your energies to the high vibration you are so capable of staying in.

And, likewise, it sometimes may be difficult to experience Joy, which is so necessary to keep your vibration at its optimal level and to be able to express your beautiful unique gifts that are so necessary to support and change this world to the image and intentions you harbor so deeply in your hearts.

And so I offer you my love and my guidance in these challenging times: Dust off your Joy with Gratitude!   

My Beloveds, you are capable of so much. You are in essence so much LOVE…

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Shout it From the Rooftops

Dear Ones–I am on a train traveling to Iowa, paused in St. Paul-Minneapolis. Having a moment of connectivity (internet 🙂 nicole-and-i-on-12-1-16).

I woke up on the train yesterday morning and thought, “I wonder if I will meet someone today who I can talk to about angels?”

Well……………….my hubby and I came to the observation car and I heard a woman say that she was headed to Standing Rock. I immediately started talking to her.

We connected and talked for 7 hours! I have never had this kind of experience before! Nicole BreakOfDay is an extremely gifted Astrologer. The most gifted Astrologer I have ever experienced. She gave me a reading (so accurate and affirming and inspiring!) and I gave her a reading (The Beans and angels). This went on and on for 7 hours! Back and forth, back and forth.

What I learned and confirmed is that I MUST share my gifts, we must all share them. The world needs us to be fully present. We must acknowledge them and honor them and share them. Shout out to the rooftops!

I AM: Psychic, Spirit Translator, Medium, Warrior Goddess of Joy, Angelic Ambassador of Joy, Social Media Consultant, Portrait Photographer, Shaman Chef, Dolphin Dancer, etc.

Nicole and I encouraged and exhorted each other to embrace and share our gifts with the world. She said I am a very gifted Psychic (I have been very reluctant to call myself that). I gave her a message from her dad, who is in another dimension. We connected in a away; that I have never experienced-instantaneously.

She is my cadre, my soul sister, my kindred. We are planning collaborations. We told each other things that confirmed our own visions and what we had been hearing about ourselves and our soul’s paths. This was a most blessed and amazing meeting!

Nicole BreakOfDay is Potawatomi of the Chief Wabuansee tribe. She felt called to Standing Rock. She will keep me informed on what she is doing there and I will share. And she told me that she never goes to the observation car on the train. My angels are giggling as they orchestrated this meeting. 🙂

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so blessed!

Listen to your guidance, dear ones!

Time to share your gifts! Acknowledge, embrace, share and shout from the rooftops your amazing gifts that the world NEEDS NOW!

WE love you so so so much!

Elizabeth and The Beans and the M&Ms


Befriending The Discord

Love love love! So right on again, as usual, dear Sistar Goddess!!!! So beautiful! So confirming. Ended up connecting with a kindred on the train yesterday. We talked for 7 hours!!!! And talked about what you say here….. Loved this! “And as the mind slowly lets go of its controls, it will feel into the beauty of the discord, the freedom of that energy.” Wooooohooooo!!!

Wallowing in gratitude and joy and love!
Warrior Goddess of Joy
Spirit Translator-Psychic

(I AM supposed to share my gifts and the Angels are instructing me, and all, to shout it from the rooftops.)

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

awakening-676386_1920 image credit

This ascension, embodied enlightenment process has a way of blowing up our life as we knew it.  And of course our mind is having a hard time with it. And it’s reflected in our body.  Maybe our finances, relationships, job, and on and on.

Everything has been disrupted.  And our mind keeps trying to make sense of it.  It keeps trying to figure out how to make this transformation smoother, more graceful, less painful.  And that mind truly believes that will happen if it keeps trying to find order in the chaos.  That is what our mind loves doing above all, is to order things, label things, organize things.  It is most comfortable when things are formulaic and predictable.

It may be boring, but it is safe.

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