A Psychic Perspective: What to Expect from 2017

Sing it out sistar goddess! Oh yes!!!! Interestingly I have already have a friend tell me I am too passive. Oh well……what you say here is perfect.
“In 2017, we bring change by doing and being what is right, for each one of us — not engaging what is wrong for us on its energetic level, on its terms.”
Any and all, join my group……..
This is what came to me when I started it. “It came to me in meditation to create this group! I keep hearing Mother Teresa saying that she will not go to an anti-war rally but she will attend a Peace rally. Seeing the LOVE everywhere, in everyone! Please add humans as you feel called. We are BEING the love and joy………connection. *Message from my angels……..they just chimed in to say that even if you don’t participate in this group, it will be in your etheric field and be soothing and healing and loving and joyful just knowing this group is here.”
Here here for all the love. Here’s to the Year of Actualization. Oh yes oh yes!
love and light to us all
Warrior Goddess of Joy
Dolphin Dancer
Sound Healer
Spirit Translator

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew


With the wild-card finale of 2016, there are many questions about what 2017 has in store for us.

I’ve been compiling the spiritual download for this year, and waiting for the green light from the Universe to release this information, as in 2017 — brilliant timing is everything.

2016 wrapped up with a bang the concept of the Year of Reclamation — that which was always intended for us was coming. This including some tougher lessons in consciousness as well. I along with many others experienced this fascinating opportunity for growth, to evaluate in myself not only who I truly was and what I was willing to bring into the world — but how.

The “how” appears to be a large part of the lesson in Reclamation, and 2016 ended with a cliff-hanger game-changer that would initiate action plans and call to the surface who we are, as individuals.


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