Always Darkest Before the Dawn by Aluna Joy-reblog

Always darkest before the dawn … and dawn is coming.

Aluna Joy / December 31, 2016 /


We are entering a new year, and we may be feeling less excited than usual. There are so many big losses behind us this year, and so many unknowns ahead of us in 2017. It is no wonder our celebratory, positive spirit might fall a bit flat, at least temporarily.


Our local astrologer, Margaret Sweet (, said this… “If you’re finding that you’re not that excited about this New Year yet, you’re probably not alone! There is a combination of astrological activity, particularly in the first 12 days of January, which could be responsible for slowing the pace with which we usually meet a new year. As a matter of fact, the first part of January has influences (Mars, Venus, Neptune in Pisces), which are more conducive to inner reflection – taking time to truly let go of any struggles associated with 2016.”


We are entering a ONE year in numerology which brings in new beginnings. But we also have some brave and unfinished NINE (45th Potus) residual energy remaining to be cleared. (find your personal numerology year here:

This coming year is a huge ending but also a surprising beginning. An old paradigm will end as a new one will be born. 2016 flooded us with very unusual energy, unlike anything I have ever felt in my entire life. We have had no reference point for this energy to understand what has transpired personally and globally. There is great human potential to manifest heaven or hell right now. Needless to say that our light, love, peace and integrity are needed now more than ever.


The Star Elders said that the shift of the ages would be full of surprises … but they never shared if those surprise would be happy events, or shocking ones. I guess this will depend on our personal perspective. In any case, many surprising events are lined up like many ducks in a row, ready to bolt out of the 2017 gate to transform the un-transformable! Yeah, that could be surprising.


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Shockingly, our world is in the place it is in because we allowed it. It is as simple as that, and, oddly, still in our divine order. We have been distracted by our modern world and following teachings that have gone too far. We learned to be so positive that we began to sugar coat ugly truths or unconsciously dive into denial hoping that many events in 2016 would go away. They didn’t. These truth needs to be acknowledged in order to be healed. Did you get that? Miracles can happen when we face ALL that life puts in front of us. These misaligned truths, programs, constructs, etc… are rising up to be seen by all. It is doing this with an undeniable, unquenchable, power begging to be healed. It is full of anger (past) and fear (future), and it is getting louder until everyone sees everything for what it is. The blessing is no matter what we are faced with, we know it will change, and all events and situations pass once acknowledged. We will continue to go in this direction until everyone wakes us. We planned it this way. No souls will be left behind right?!


It is also pretty clear to me that most people are getting a strong call to hunker down and really take care of home-base. Hunkering down is also a way to stay (not add energy or fuel) out of the the blast zone, and navigate inside the eye of the storm while massive transformation takes place around us. You have already completed your personal transformation (Yes… those still reading this now). NOW we have become full on WAY-SHOWERS!


The energy has been incredibly intense in 2016. I have not felt this in decades (yep, I am that old), and it has impacted my body (or it has appeared to). Over the last couple of months, the energy has been quite poisonous for us empaths. Physical symptoms have been pretty serious and debilitating. Most of us messengers receive messages by deeply feeling them. Basically we run the energy through our bodies, then, because of what we are feeling, we I ask a lot of questions. Then we let it cook inside until things become clear. And they do. Most of us don’t plan to do this; it just happens. It is the price we pay for our natural born abilities.


We have been witnessing some issues in sensitive ones who’s destiny is to heal the matrix of humanity: Being really cranky, overwhelmed, anxiety and fear, digestive issues, and being really soul tired laced with a lot of self judgment. Most of these symptoms I feel are NOT personal. All this is beginning to clear up now, and thus why I have the energy to write about what is happening now. We can see the light at the end of this tunnel.


So… This is what is happening… We are blasting the old programming of fear and anger right out of humanity. And if filtering fear through our bodies, like a giant collective human sieve, is what is required to annihilate anger and fear, then so be it. The only way out is through. We are strong, and we are still here! We do not quit or go down without a fight. (((Those of you who have other blissful jobs…. Do ya wanna switch? ))) Just kidding… Maybe.


A big point I want to make today. Make sure you take care of your physical body. Don’t just blow off your symptoms as ascension symptoms. Ascension symptoms also affect your physical body. If you are feeling continually unwell, go to a doctor. I did. The global stress and huge unknowns are forcing or bodies to adapt. Our endocrine systems are upgrading now. Adrenal and thyroid are particularly being hit hard. And just as the Star Elders shared months ago … Endocrine systems are being upgraded and re-balanced. I made some changes in my life, diet, etc…, and I am already recovering. So take care of your physical body. If you don’t have a physical body, we can’t do the spiritual work in this dimension that we have all planned together. Going to the doctor and getting tests helps us release our anxiety about our physical health, and it leaves us free to heal in whatever way we are called to do. By being free from any physical worries, we can do even deeper work. And I am hoping that you will do the same. Make sure you take care of your spirit as well, which, by the way I am told all of you (who are called to still be reading this) are doing a fine job.

P.S. This just came in… Many of you received new, big promotions so to speak. We are bigger and stronger (even if we don’t feel that way right now), so bigger work orders are coming. The bottom line is that we are counting on each other. So keep living, keep shining, keep on keeping on.


Blessings to ALL of our light family in this new year!

May 2017 bring us peace, love, joy, and an abundance of all good things.

Please share how you are experiencing this ground breaking time here. We always gain broader insights from others perspectives.

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