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Birthing highest aspirations and ideals.
Starting January 7 to February 6, all major planets will be moving forward and will not be in retrogrades. The Ancients saw this as a time of great potential and a time to use to manifest great things. Plus, in the middle of this there is a solar geomagnetic storm forecast for mild storms on January 17, 18 and 19. Magnetic storms can bring up anything that needs to be cleared. It amplifies discordant energy, programs and constructs that are no longer needed. It is a great time to put your energy and light to use! It is about time to use these solar energies, as we have already climbed the mountain and done our personal clearing. There is no telling what we can create with all these forward moving planets in big magnetic pulses in sync with our highest aspirations and ideals. I am inviting you to a three day global “solar wave” event to harness these energies and direct them toward the highest good for the whole of humanity. On the 17th, 18th and 19th at high noon, in whatever area you are in… spend 33 minutes each day, condensing and pulsing out your intent for the highest good for all of humanity. Then step back, and LET GO of all attachment to outcome. This part is very important. Attachment is a form of fear, and we cannot create anything with fear. Then… LET IT BE. Stand back in the eye of this huge light, and watch what transpires as we witness without agenda. I got a good feeling about this.

Thank you for your donations and support …

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