Cultivate your JOY flame!

Beloveds—-Please quit looking for your JOY! It is already there inside you……..yes, you can do things and enjoy things that are outside you but KNOW that your JOY is in YOU! We understand that at times this seems to be extremely impossible and unattainable and absolutely WRONG! We get it. We really do.

Take a moment. Pause a bit. Feel your heart. Find that very small flame that is there. Stop for a moment and put a little tiny piece of kindling on that flame…….perhaps as small as a toothpick. Pause. Fan the flame a bit. Delicately. Measured. Not too vigorous at first. Cultivate that flame. For many, your joy flame needs a lot of fanning and cultivating…..and for some this flame just needs a big log every so often to keep it going.

We all have days/times that some delicate fanning and cultivating of the joy flame is needed. So, what brings you joy? Who brings you joy? Cultivating your joy flame can be a simple as eating your breakfast on your favorite plate. Fanning your joy flame could be lying in bed wiggling your toes before you rise to meet the day. The trick is to pause every so often to FEEL what that joy flame needs to feed it.

And when you have tasks that you are not excited about, how can you fan the flame of joy while doing them? Perhaps while cleaning the toilet you listen to you favorite song or a podcast? You get the idea.

Know that you are loved beyond your human understanding and we are sending you toothpicks and logs for your joy flame.

The Beans and Elizabeth

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