Profundity of Wisdom


Most divine and beloved beings—We come to you with a profundity of wisdom to share with the world. But did you know that you also have a profundity of wisdom? We love that phrase. A profundity of wisdom! And did you know that all you have to do is to BE and you are sharing your profundity with the world? Well, we know that you are used to beating yourself up for not being xxx or for not doing xxx. Stop it! We want you to wallow in your profundity, in your delightfulness, in your amazingness, in your wisdom. Yes, WALLOW! Because this is the path of healing and clearing…….yes, wallowing in your profundity, your beauty. THIS IS THE PATH OF HEALING AND CLEARING! Sorry for the yelling but we really wanted to make a point. Oooooppppssssssyyyyyy……we feel a so-called profanity coming on. You are FUCKING awesome! Yes, in this case we feel the word is completely and totally justified because we want you ALL to know the amazingness of YOU! This is your focus. Wallowing in the profundity of YOU! Now we are hearing some nay-sayers thinking to themselves, or saying it out loud. “That is pretty narcissistic, isn’t it?” AND yes, it may appear that way. But frankly the truly narcissistic folks need NO encouragement to make it all about them. This is for the rest of you, and you know who you are, to take note of YOU and your beautiful being and your contribution to this world. As you heal and clear these final pieces, you will hear that still small voice and you will then know what you are to do next. You are healing the world by your BEING-ness. AND we are in the ONENESS so your profundity is automatically shared with all. So, take a look in the mirror and say to yourself “You are fucking awesome and I love you!”

We are fucking awesome and we think you are fucking awesome and we remain The Beans.


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