Perfect Divine Timing

All is perfect divine timing

Most beloved beings–ha, we say, double ha! Yes, we laugh with joy and zest at this day and this time and place. There is so much happening and we are in JOY to see all that is transpiring. These are momentous times. So much shifting and changing and healing and growing and BEing. Wooohooooooo! We adore being a part of this time and we have been around for a long long time. At one point we were in human form and we delight in knowing and understanding humans and are so happy to be free of that world for us. And we are loving being able to support and help you through all that is happening. We KNOW of what we speak. These times now are the most huge shifting of times. We do understand that this may not be readily apparent to some of you. This may be a trust thing or you may not need to know it or feel it at all. It will be apparent to you when it is time for it to be apparent to you. All in perfect DIVINE timing. For those that have an inkling……it may feel overwhelming at times, all this shifting of energy. And for those who KNOW and FEEL these shifts, you wallow, you revel, you embrace the shifting and the changing and you TRUST that all is perfect, absolutely perfect! There is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong, there is no higher or lower. All is perfect DIVINE time. We are happy to take questions, operators are standing by!

With much love and joy and zest, we are The Beans and Elizabeth

5 thoughts on “Perfect Divine Timing

  1. Friend, this has spoken volumes to me: “…it may feel overwhelming at times, all this shifting of energy. ” This dense, heaviness in my chest will not go away, but it’s not mine, and the waves of energy that I have been receiving from people has sometimes just been so incredibly overwhelming. I was having a conversation with a co-worker today (who has been on her journey for a decade now and is much more aware and in tune with the Divine) and even SHE has been experiencing frustration at not being able to ground herself, but knowinw NOW that this energy is EXACTLY what should be happening makes it a little easier to bear! Thank you for this!

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    1. Hi Sammie–thank you for writing! I have been crying and feeling out of sorts for days…..there is so much energy swirling around. As an Empath, I deeply feel it. You are clearly an Empath….we often cannot help feeling that energy. I know I had to choose, at some point, to either completely close myself off from all this or to let myself feel all of it. My guides/angels suggest surrounding yourself with green jello. They say that everyone knows what it looks like, so easy to visualize. It is green and healing. You can see through it and it is bouncy so energy coming at you can bounce off. 🙂

      Much love and many blessings to you!!!!

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