There’s Nothing Routine About Enlightenment

Yes for routines and for breaking out of them! Some of my routines are so comforting. And a couple are not. So working with the Divine to help me let go of ones that don’t serve me.
Okay! My obsession had been Call the Midwife. But I guess I will have to check out some of your fun ideas! I am a little out of touch. I especially love having something fun to watch when I am off pet sitting.
I like thinking of my little routines as self care. I know my nightly bath with book certainly is!

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

the-morning-ritual-with-figure image by Maria Chambers

How often have you heard that it’s good to shake things up?  To do something new?  To try something different?   You may tell yourself that you are in a rut.

I am all for keeping the energies moving in our life.  It’s easy for them to get stagnant.  Energies get stuck in our mind, and in our bodies.

We can all agree that this whole enlightenment process has shaken us up, disrupted our lives, our minds, our bodies, our finances, our relationships.  There is such massive transformation taking place within us.  There are days we wonder who the hell we are anymore!

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