Be IN the JOY!

Be IN the Joy

Originally posted October 2014

Hallelujah! Joy! Rapture! Wahooooooooooo! Oh yes! Wahe Guru! Bliss! Miracles abound!

What are we saying, you may well ask? We are saying to get into the groove of joy and bliss and rapture (not in the way you may be thinking 🙂 ) and shout Hallelujah! Because the time is upon ALL of us to be InJoy! What does all this really mean to you? Find a particle of moment and feel the absolute rapturous billowy joy of that infinitesimal moment. Do it NOW! Ahhhhhhhhhhh…………………………………………… you feel it? Oh yes! What a time we are in! Things and events and life and people are shifting fast and faster and even faster. Who you thought you were yesterday is not true today. You are a newer LOVEBEAN today than you were yesterday. And as you wallow in the infinitesimal joy of each moment, you will feel ALL shifting and delight! Because you are a new LOVEBEAN today. Be IN the JOY! What more can we say about this? Find what works for you. Bathtime with book? Walking with dog? Reading with coffee? Jogging on the path? Riding your bicycle to the market? Cooking for a loved one? Breathing deeply? Giving a hug? Getting a hug? Perhaps it is all of these. We encourage you to have beautiful wallowing in the infinitesimal moments of your life. Be IN the JOY!

Rapturously applauding you! We are The Beans and Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Be IN the JOY!

  1. I have been feeling this lately too. I have even asked my job if I can start a meditation group so that people can start experiencing THIS type of joy…true, pure elation…and this reminded me today that I have to keep love, kindess, and JOY at the forefront! Than you friend!

    Also, shamless plug..I’ve started a new blog to document some of these new experiences/sensations/times/feelings during this awakening. Hopefully, you’ll check it out! Enjoy the weekend lovely!


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