Profundity of Wisdom


Most divine and beloved beings—We come to you with a profundity of wisdom to share with the world. But did you know that you also have a profundity of wisdom? We love that phrase. A profundity of wisdom! And did you know that all you have to do is to BE and you are sharing your profundity with the world? Well, we know that you are used to beating yourself up for not being xxx or for not doing xxx. Stop it! We want you to wallow in your profundity, in your delightfulness, in your amazingness, in your wisdom. Yes, WALLOW! Because this is the path of healing and clearing…….yes, wallowing in your profundity, your beauty. THIS IS THE PATH OF HEALING AND CLEARING! Sorry for the yelling but we really wanted to make a point. Oooooppppssssssyyyyyy……we feel a so-called profanity coming on. You are FUCKING awesome! Yes, in this case we feel the word is completely and totally justified because we want you ALL to know the amazingness of YOU! This is your focus. Wallowing in the profundity of YOU! Now we are hearing some nay-sayers thinking to themselves, or saying it out loud. “That is pretty narcissistic, isn’t it?” AND yes, it may appear that way. But frankly the truly narcissistic folks need NO encouragement to make it all about them. This is for the rest of you, and you know who you are, to take note of YOU and your beautiful being and your contribution to this world. As you heal and clear these final pieces, you will hear that still small voice and you will then know what you are to do next. You are healing the world by your BEING-ness. AND we are in the ONENESS so your profundity is automatically shared with all. So, take a look in the mirror and say to yourself “You are fucking awesome and I love you!”

We are fucking awesome and we think you are fucking awesome and we remain The Beans.

Human Needs And Desires

We are flying!! Woooohoooo!

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There’s a misperception that in Ascension the human needs and desires are not important any more. That there is a letting go of materialism. That’s not true. But what is true is that as the human who is connected more to their soul, they will not be worrying so much about the things they need and desire, because they are just there for them in a fluid and synchronistic way.

The Embodied Master has no needs or desires, but everything is just there….the money, the health, the resources, the friendships…. So is this just a natural part of our ascension, or are we talking about some impossible to solve transcendental paradox that makes you want to throw a few brick at an ashram?

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Exposing Your Power

I so get this…..”Do not worry if you feel the need for sleep or a lack of enthusiasm for most interactions.” But we have also been in the Midwest helping to take care of my hubby’s elderly parents. Tomorrow we leave on the train after being here for 6 weeks.

Huge blessings and also very intense….end of life stuff… they are 96 and 97. 🙂
And, as per usual, I love the synchronicities with messages I get and from your beautiful blog. Cracking me up……I got recently that I AM the Warrior Goddess of Joy. And to describe what I do I heard, “As a Spirit Translator, I help you tap into your internal guidance system to find more joy and love in your life!” (recent message to me)

And the hugest thing that keeps coming through for me and my clients is “what brings you joy?”

Oh joy! Oh rapture!

Thanks again dearest Brenda!

I love you and I love you all and I love me (a miracle in and of itself.) 🙂

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Summary of Brenda’s January 6, 2017, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  Many of you are discovering new reactions to common elements of your life – much as was true in puberty. Such is so because you’re welcoming new segments into your being of the past, present, and future including those from other planets and locations. None of which includes the hate, rage, and anger that has been part of the earth for eons. Your segments allow you to move forward with new skills and passions. Your most important role now continues to be living your joy.

“The Golden Rule Revisited” is the title of this week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

New energies are pummeling earth in depths you have not experienced in this…

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Aluna Joy Reblog


Birthing highest aspirations and ideals.
Starting January 7 to February 6, all major planets will be moving forward and will not be in retrogrades. The Ancients saw this as a time of great potential and a time to use to manifest great things. Plus, in the middle of this there is a solar geomagnetic storm forecast for mild storms on January 17, 18 and 19. Magnetic storms can bring up anything that needs to be cleared. It amplifies discordant energy, programs and constructs that are no longer needed. It is a great time to put your energy and light to use! It is about time to use these solar energies, as we have already climbed the mountain and done our personal clearing. There is no telling what we can create with all these forward moving planets in big magnetic pulses in sync with our highest aspirations and ideals. I am inviting you to a three day global “solar wave” event to harness these energies and direct them toward the highest good for the whole of humanity. On the 17th, 18th and 19th at high noon, in whatever area you are in… spend 33 minutes each day, condensing and pulsing out your intent for the highest good for all of humanity. Then step back, and LET GO of all attachment to outcome. This part is very important. Attachment is a form of fear, and we cannot create anything with fear. Then… LET IT BE. Stand back in the eye of this huge light, and watch what transpires as we witness without agenda. I got a good feeling about this.

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Birthing our Highest Aspirations and Ideals

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Aluna Joy Yaxkin
January 6th, 2017

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My dreaming is back to normal, yahoo! Over this past year, I have had many darkish dreams. In recent weeks, I have seen a change in the dream world. It was beginning to lighten up. And last night, I had a wild, epic series of dreams. This is a good sign that good things are near! I sure wish I could video tape my dreams for you all!

As usual, I was traveling in some sacred place with a group. I mostly dream in groups. We are ONE yes? Some in this group I knew, like Bekki, Kelly and Rhonda (you know who you are), but all of the group felt like family. We had climbed up a huge, gorgeous mountain that felt like crystal. On top of this mountain was a rock pyre much like you see in Tibet. But it felt like we might be in South America . . . but it could also have been the rare, crystal (one of 5 in the world) Mount Schiehallion in Scotland, which by the way is in the heart of dragon land.

I had brought three large flags to place on top of this mountain. One was the seven colored Inka flag, one was the Arizona state flag, and the third one I can’t remember. We placed these flags on top of the rock pyre. I realized that a lot of people were bringing flags as well, and there wasn’t much space at the peak of this mountain top. So I changed my mind and decided to place my flags on another peak a few hundred feet away. So we hiked up this serpentine rock ridge to a place where there was an opening in the rock. I placed the flags there.

Quickly after I had done this, a local shaman looking man said “No, you don’t want to do that. Take the flags out.” I asked why. He said that we would wake up the dragon! (PS… I have never dreamt of dragons before). Well … I did remove the flags from what was the dragon’s mouth…. but … and as I do, I got curious, and at that point, I usually don’t listen to rules and authorities. 

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We began to wake up the dragon! We ran our hands up the wavy, serpent shaped rock. Soon the rock began to change under our hands. We could feel the rock change to smooth skin with scales. I could see brilliant colors of blue, green, red, orange and yellow and some patterns and spots (Again, I wish I could have taken a screen shot of this moment for all of you). It looked much like an animal from the movie Avatar. I could see two rows of spines up this dragon’s back. Between the two ridges, I could see that I could easily fly with this dragon. My mind went wild with possibilities.

We left the mountain top and headed back to our hotel. We walked up a huge, cobble stone ramp to our hotel and to our breakfast. We had climbed the mountain for sunrise. As we walked to this huge ramp, we passed many groups of children singing. The sings sounded like Christmas songs but they were not. And… we knew these songs, and we stopped at each doorway to sing with them. The singing was simply ecstatic! We had tears running down our faces. The joy was overwhelming!

We all sat down together and discussed the morning’s events and how we felt they might change our lives. Most of this I didn’t remember. But one point I do remember. It was worry about their status in their spiritual organization of their life. They had given so much of their life to this, and they didn’t want to lose their standing. There was more, but I woke up and lost it. 

My take away is this…
The new sun is here.
Was have ascended the sacred mountain.
We have claimed our stake in this new world.
The world is beginning to sing a new joyful song.
Let are letting go of old traditional approaches to spirituality and relationships.
Magic is waking up and limitlessness is afoot.
And we are deciding not to give a damn… about what other people think about what we are called to do. We are going to do it.

Later, I wished that I had stayed with the dragon and had a practice flight! That would have been fun. But waking up to my little pups, nose in my face, was pretty darn good too.

Cultivate your JOY flame!

Beloveds—-Please quit looking for your JOY! It is already there inside you……..yes, you can do things and enjoy things that are outside you but KNOW that your JOY is in YOU! We understand that at times this seems to be extremely impossible and unattainable and absolutely WRONG! We get it. We really do.

Take a moment. Pause a bit. Feel your heart. Find that very small flame that is there. Stop for a moment and put a little tiny piece of kindling on that flame…….perhaps as small as a toothpick. Pause. Fan the flame a bit. Delicately. Measured. Not too vigorous at first. Cultivate that flame. For many, your joy flame needs a lot of fanning and cultivating…..and for some this flame just needs a big log every so often to keep it going.

We all have days/times that some delicate fanning and cultivating of the joy flame is needed. So, what brings you joy? Who brings you joy? Cultivating your joy flame can be a simple as eating your breakfast on your favorite plate. Fanning your joy flame could be lying in bed wiggling your toes before you rise to meet the day. The trick is to pause every so often to FEEL what that joy flame needs to feed it.

And when you have tasks that you are not excited about, how can you fan the flame of joy while doing them? Perhaps while cleaning the toilet you listen to you favorite song or a podcast? You get the idea.

Know that you are loved beyond your human understanding and we are sending you toothpicks and logs for your joy flame.

The Beans and Elizabeth

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Facebook Live

Hi honeys!

I am enjoying doing some live blog posts. Facebook Live. I am coming out! This is the year to recognize and embrace your (my) gifts and share them with the world.

So much great stuff happening, coming up……I cannot even describe yet. Lots percolating.

Wanted to share.

Seeing the love everywhere, in everyone!

Elizabeth, Spirit Translator, Dolphin Dancer, Sound Healer, Psychic, Medium, Angel Communicator, Warrior Goddess of Joy………….etc etc.


A Psychic Perspective: What to Expect from 2017

Sing it out sistar goddess! Oh yes!!!! Interestingly I have already have a friend tell me I am too passive. Oh well……what you say here is perfect.
“In 2017, we bring change by doing and being what is right, for each one of us — not engaging what is wrong for us on its energetic level, on its terms.”
Any and all, join my group……..
This is what came to me when I started it. “It came to me in meditation to create this group! I keep hearing Mother Teresa saying that she will not go to an anti-war rally but she will attend a Peace rally. Seeing the LOVE everywhere, in everyone! Please add humans as you feel called. We are BEING the love and joy………connection. *Message from my angels……..they just chimed in to say that even if you don’t participate in this group, it will be in your etheric field and be soothing and healing and loving and joyful just knowing this group is here.”
Here here for all the love. Here’s to the Year of Actualization. Oh yes oh yes!
love and light to us all
Warrior Goddess of Joy
Dolphin Dancer
Sound Healer
Spirit Translator

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew


With the wild-card finale of 2016, there are many questions about what 2017 has in store for us.

I’ve been compiling the spiritual download for this year, and waiting for the green light from the Universe to release this information, as in 2017 — brilliant timing is everything.

2016 wrapped up with a bang the concept of the Year of Reclamation — that which was always intended for us was coming. This including some tougher lessons in consciousness as well. I along with many others experienced this fascinating opportunity for growth, to evaluate in myself not only who I truly was and what I was willing to bring into the world — but how.

The “how” appears to be a large part of the lesson in Reclamation, and 2016 ended with a cliff-hanger game-changer that would initiate action plans and call to the surface who we are, as individuals.


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Always Darkest Before the Dawn by Aluna Joy-reblog

Always darkest before the dawn … and dawn is coming.

Aluna Joy / December 31, 2016 /


We are entering a new year, and we may be feeling less excited than usual. There are so many big losses behind us this year, and so many unknowns ahead of us in 2017. It is no wonder our celebratory, positive spirit might fall a bit flat, at least temporarily.


Our local astrologer, Margaret Sweet (, said this… “If you’re finding that you’re not that excited about this New Year yet, you’re probably not alone! There is a combination of astrological activity, particularly in the first 12 days of January, which could be responsible for slowing the pace with which we usually meet a new year. As a matter of fact, the first part of January has influences (Mars, Venus, Neptune in Pisces), which are more conducive to inner reflection – taking time to truly let go of any struggles associated with 2016.”


We are entering a ONE year in numerology which brings in new beginnings. But we also have some brave and unfinished NINE (45th Potus) residual energy remaining to be cleared. (find your personal numerology year here:

This coming year is a huge ending but also a surprising beginning. An old paradigm will end as a new one will be born. 2016 flooded us with very unusual energy, unlike anything I have ever felt in my entire life. We have had no reference point for this energy to understand what has transpired personally and globally. There is great human potential to manifest heaven or hell right now. Needless to say that our light, love, peace and integrity are needed now more than ever.


The Star Elders said that the shift of the ages would be full of surprises … but they never shared if those surprise would be happy events, or shocking ones. I guess this will depend on our personal perspective. In any case, many surprising events are lined up like many ducks in a row, ready to bolt out of the 2017 gate to transform the un-transformable! Yeah, that could be surprising.


Thank you for your donations and support …


Shockingly, our world is in the place it is in because we allowed it. It is as simple as that, and, oddly, still in our divine order. We have been distracted by our modern world and following teachings that have gone too far. We learned to be so positive that we began to sugar coat ugly truths or unconsciously dive into denial hoping that many events in 2016 would go away. They didn’t. These truth needs to be acknowledged in order to be healed. Did you get that? Miracles can happen when we face ALL that life puts in front of us. These misaligned truths, programs, constructs, etc… are rising up to be seen by all. It is doing this with an undeniable, unquenchable, power begging to be healed. It is full of anger (past) and fear (future), and it is getting louder until everyone sees everything for what it is. The blessing is no matter what we are faced with, we know it will change, and all events and situations pass once acknowledged. We will continue to go in this direction until everyone wakes us. We planned it this way. No souls will be left behind right?!


It is also pretty clear to me that most people are getting a strong call to hunker down and really take care of home-base. Hunkering down is also a way to stay (not add energy or fuel) out of the the blast zone, and navigate inside the eye of the storm while massive transformation takes place around us. You have already completed your personal transformation (Yes… those still reading this now). NOW we have become full on WAY-SHOWERS!


The energy has been incredibly intense in 2016. I have not felt this in decades (yep, I am that old), and it has impacted my body (or it has appeared to). Over the last couple of months, the energy has been quite poisonous for us empaths. Physical symptoms have been pretty serious and debilitating. Most of us messengers receive messages by deeply feeling them. Basically we run the energy through our bodies, then, because of what we are feeling, we I ask a lot of questions. Then we let it cook inside until things become clear. And they do. Most of us don’t plan to do this; it just happens. It is the price we pay for our natural born abilities.


We have been witnessing some issues in sensitive ones who’s destiny is to heal the matrix of humanity: Being really cranky, overwhelmed, anxiety and fear, digestive issues, and being really soul tired laced with a lot of self judgment. Most of these symptoms I feel are NOT personal. All this is beginning to clear up now, and thus why I have the energy to write about what is happening now. We can see the light at the end of this tunnel.


So… This is what is happening… We are blasting the old programming of fear and anger right out of humanity. And if filtering fear through our bodies, like a giant collective human sieve, is what is required to annihilate anger and fear, then so be it. The only way out is through. We are strong, and we are still here! We do not quit or go down without a fight. (((Those of you who have other blissful jobs…. Do ya wanna switch? ))) Just kidding… Maybe.


A big point I want to make today. Make sure you take care of your physical body. Don’t just blow off your symptoms as ascension symptoms. Ascension symptoms also affect your physical body. If you are feeling continually unwell, go to a doctor. I did. The global stress and huge unknowns are forcing or bodies to adapt. Our endocrine systems are upgrading now. Adrenal and thyroid are particularly being hit hard. And just as the Star Elders shared months ago … Endocrine systems are being upgraded and re-balanced. I made some changes in my life, diet, etc…, and I am already recovering. So take care of your physical body. If you don’t have a physical body, we can’t do the spiritual work in this dimension that we have all planned together. Going to the doctor and getting tests helps us release our anxiety about our physical health, and it leaves us free to heal in whatever way we are called to do. By being free from any physical worries, we can do even deeper work. And I am hoping that you will do the same. Make sure you take care of your spirit as well, which, by the way I am told all of you (who are called to still be reading this) are doing a fine job.

P.S. This just came in… Many of you received new, big promotions so to speak. We are bigger and stronger (even if we don’t feel that way right now), so bigger work orders are coming. The bottom line is that we are counting on each other. So keep living, keep shining, keep on keeping on.


Blessings to ALL of our light family in this new year!

May 2017 bring us peace, love, joy, and an abundance of all good things.

Please share how you are experiencing this ground breaking time here. We always gain broader insights from others perspectives.

You might want to revisit this gem…


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