Feed your birdfeeder

A Sadhu Shares

Originally posted September 2014

Dear ones—today we see the birds flying in and out of the bird feeder and the sun is shining through the trees and it is just a beautiful morning! Elizabeth just filled the bird feeder and it is so much fun to watch the birds enjoying these seeds.

Do you remember to fill your bird feeder? And when we say this we mean your own personal thing that REALLY feeds YOU! Is that having a leisurely morning before you go to work? (Perhaps you have to get up a little earlier to make this happen.) Is that reading a book in the bathtub? Is it taking a walk in nature or in the city? Is it just being on the couch with a blankie looking out the window? Is it lying on the floor with your animals or kids or both? Is it cuddling up on the couch with your honey and watching a good movie?

Whatever feeds your birdfeeder or we could say your BEING or your soul is what you need to do for YOU! WE say drop the guilt and just do what takes care of you! We say wash the dishes later or have your kids do it and then read a book for a half an hour. Let your family know that you are feeding your bird feeder and it is sacred time, not to be interrupted!

There are always things that we must do in this human experience, washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, vacuuming. You know that you will never regret letting some of these things sit for a bit. Also, mamas and papas out there, train your children to do more! They want/need to be part of the household! Families—have some fun with the house cleaning and chores. Dance while doing it TOGETHER!

Everyone out there, take some time to feed your personal birdfeeder!

We love you to the stars and back! Elizabeth and The Beans

PS. From 2-2-17: It is so important right now to do self-care. Fill your birdfeeder. These are crazy and intense times. Take care of you.

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