Where to focus?

Oh my gosh…..I get going on so many projects all at the same time and then overwhelm myself…..My honey laughs with me and is so helpful and supportive reminding me that we are retired and we don’t have to be stressed.

I AM a Can-Do. It is my main soul type. (Joy Child is my other main type.) I find myself DOING a lot. I love doing. I am good at doing. Sheesh! Besides all my volunteer activities, dance committee activities, Social Media work, on-line class and homework,  I am also working on getting my diet cleared up and figuring out how to eat on a long term basis. I also want to exercise everyday, even just a little walk and a little stretching. I am busy, but I am figuring out that I don’t have to do everything! So, I am focusing on my health.  I have focused on my emotional healing and spiritual life for the past 45  years and for the last 25 I have given my physical self more energy. I walked a couple of marathons, one half marathon, climbed some mountains, rode quite a few centuries on my bicycle, walked, hiked, and most fun of all, danced danced danced.

I do not find great joy anymore from climbing mountains. I do not find great joy from riding my bicycle long distances. I am not really interested in walking more marathons. This could all change, of course. So, I let these go over the last 10 years.

I am allowing myself to figure it out in a more mellow kind of way. I AM letting go of guilt that I am not doing enough or I am not riding my bicycle right now. Oh my gosh! This feels so good. I will continue to walk and to dance and soon ride my bicycle around town. But for today, I am getting myself settled into a happy food regime and taking extra pressure off myself.

I often like to ask, what brings you joy? How can you do x thing and be in joy?

I talk about it here.

Be kind to yourself. KNOW that you are awesome! Take care of YOU!

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