We are connected on all dimensions

I just found this message that I received as a Spirit Translator in a notebook that I had stashed away. It is from October 12, 2016. It is about my dear mentor and best friend, Michael, who passed to another dimension on the 15th of October. I find myself SO comforted. I asked the angels, “What do you say about Michael J. Lincoln? Can you speak from his soul? What should we do?” (Michael was ill and we were seeking guidance.) This is what came through.

Dear Ones–There is no one like our dear Michael J. Lincoln. WE KNOW YOU ALL KNOW THIS. You didn’t need to hear it from us. A special man that you humans want to stay around in this form, maybe not forever, but certainly for many many more years. WE HEAR YOU!

Something to ponder….by Michael launching, perhaps to another realm, it would encourage and validate your launch. We see a certain holding back with some of you. You are ready and it is time to let the blinders loose, the wings out, the mouth untapped. Fly fly fly to your destiny–it is really a matter of gliding–no wings flapping or engine required.

We see Michael, in whatever form, cheering and applauding and supporting from where he is.

We say this is what you can do for you and for him. Best medicine.

Focusing solely on what “appears” to be ailing him is of old earth. Michael is rapidly moving completely to New Earth. Whether this is in human form or being in another realm, we cannot say. WE could make a statement and that would change in 2 seconds. WE are just here to give comfort.

Michael is exemplifying the healing crisis in the world right now. Appearances are deceiving. Shifting. Shifting. Shifting.

Part of the New Earth awareness is the ability to be connected with all, in body or out. This is the new way. Death is not final. It is a shifting to another plane of existence. Just because something is not visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

So dearest sisters (this was written originally to Michael’s caretakers but today I got it was for all divine sisters and brothers)-be at peace. As you shift your understanding awareness COMPLETELY to this New Earth, you give Michael the biggest gift every. Joy!

We are always here,

The Beans and Elizabeth*

*Including: AA Michael, Mother Mary, Jeshua, Guru Amar Das, and archangels as far as the eye can see.



P.S. Michael immediately went to be with our beloved AA Michael. They are so grateful and downright giddy with joy. They call themselves the M & M’s. They love silly!


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