Profound Allowing

A Sadhu Shares

Profound Allowing

From October 2014

Dear Ones-honor all your feelings. Do you know what we mean? If you feel anger about something, stop a moment, ponder what it means, and bless it and honor it and move on. Hmmmm….you may say to yourself. Why did X tweak me and why do I feel so much anger about it? Then love and forgive yourself and honor your feeling and then move on down the road. Why, you ask? ALL feelings are legitimate and honest and real and part of you! That makes up ALL of you.

There has been such stigma around feeling anger, for instance. Especially for women, not okay to be angry. Well, we say, HA! Such is not the case. Feeling ALL of your feelings shows your strength and beauty and you honor YOU!

And may we say that in some new earth circles, it appears that it is not okay to feel or show anything but blissful joy. Do you hear me? Do you know this? So then the humans suppress your true and lovely feelings because you don’t want to appear out of it or not in the groovy new earth. HA! Do you hear us? What about sadness? What about despair? Perhaps you need to feel this to release what has gone before? It does not have to take over your life. And it will not take over your life as in the past. Feel the sad, feel the anger, feel the joy, feel the despair. Profound allowing of all your beautiful feelings. Oh yes!

You ALL are beautiful BEings and that means ALL parts of you! Notice the feeling, ponder the feeling, honor the feeling, let go of the feeling. This can take you a mere minute or two or it can take a day. It is all perfect. And as you practice this, it will speed along faster and faster and you release and are living InJOY! Profound allowing of ALL your parts!

With an abundance of profundity and joy and ALL the feelings, we are The Beans and Elizabeth


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