Martyrdom Is Dead

Wooohooooo! “The new consciousness is based in joy and self love. ”
Oh yes!!! “Whatever else you do is up to you. If it brings you joy, do it. But don’t do it because you “think” it’s being of service in some capacity. That is just old energy thinking.”
Yes yes yes…..thank you dear sistar goddess! Beautiful post. AND interestingly fits with stuff I am working on with a class I am taking.
love love love to you and tons of joy!

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

 Are any of you still dragging your misplaced sense of obligation, and of emotional responsibility toward others with you into the new energy?

cropped-image-74.jpg Artwork by Maria Chambers

Maybe you are disguising it in terms like, “wanting to be of service to others, and to humanity.”  Wanting to “be there” for friends and family.

This will not lead you to your freedom, any more than it will help anyone else.

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