The Many Faces of Change

Oh my gosh…..this is so up now! I don’t even know where to start but this comes to mind. This discussion came up in a recent post on another site. Much discussion ensued.

A man asked: How often do you see and name for yourself sexist or racist or homophobic or other dynamics that you either witness or have to deal with personally?

I responded:
Oh my! What a hot button you have raised. 🙂 ❤ Just reading all the responses……I can feel my heart clenching a bit. So, sitting in Remembrance with that and calling out to the Divine, evoking the Veil of Safety. So, with that said….I am so fricking happy to be out of corporate business……but I think that it is more subtle now. It was so OBVIOUS in corporate biz. My last job as an HR Manager I was fired for talking about diversity and feminism too much (after they had hired me the year before because of my strong diversity/cultural competency background and they said they wanted me to help them change.).

I am finding that there is a shifting of awareness and I believe very strongly that the Divine Feminine is rising and we will not fucking shut up anymore (sorry if the language is offensive). AND what I have observed is that even in the most feminist and aware of men; it is tweaking them a bit. But they are not always aware. I have even seen it a bit here in this community- but very subtle. (No offense meant)

I don't tend to LOOK for sexism……I will feel off energy and then ponder and then notice what is going on. Seriously, we women have also gotten way too used to it.

One (maybe the only one) of the brilliant things about our current presidential situation is that people are SPEAKING UP about all the racism, misogyny and hate that is coming out. It has needed to come out to the light to be healed. This shit has been buried for years………

When I was the Recruitment and Diversity Administrator for the Oregon Dept of Corrections, I actually had a (white guy) Manager tell me that he thought all the racism etc was all taken care of in the 60'S. OY! Sheesh, I have so many stories to tell about that place.

There are so many wires to be untangled…..Racism, sexism, etc……what is what? Am I being talked to/treated that way because I am white, black, Jewish, female, a loud female, fat, gay, etc?

I used to put on Cultural Competency conferences…..and then I just got burnt out because we were always speaking to the choir……Sorry for my rant, but you did ask 🙂 ……Surrounding us all, and I do mean ALL (including all humans on this planet) with LOVE ❤ …….THAT is my focus now. AND I speak up when called.

Sorry about the long rant but it feels I love the synchronicity of all that is coming up.

The Divine Feminine is rising (we will not shut up anymore) and we are figuring out how to blend and be in touch with our Divine Masculine. YAY!

AND I so get this. Spoke right to my heart:
"As ascending masters we are embracing a sense of self-love, of co-operation among all the parts of ourself, between our divine masculine and feminine, and between our human and our soul-self.  Our inner child, and our aspects that we considered not worthy.  They all get the benefit of our love.
We have no need to feel defensive, or to protect ourselves from anyone or anything outside ourselves.  Because we have faced and embraced our shadow, we have no need to project that outside onto an ‘enemy,’ those from other cultures or countries, or a political faction.  We have no need to construct walls within us so there is no need to build them outside ourselves.
We no longer put up divisions within ourself.  We are no longer threatened by parts of ourself we don’t understand.  We are not doing battle with our male or female aspects, so we are comfortable with those who wish to express their own masculine and feminine nature, even those who desire to change their allegiance from being a man to being a woman or from being a woman to embodying a male identity.  We understand that as a soul, we are neither male or female, so we joyfully embrace whatever aspect we choose to align ourselves with, to express, and we honor that choice for others as well."

Forgive this long post, but you are speaking to me dear sistar goddess, oh yes oh yes!!

PS. The current administration: a reality TV show…..I look at some of the stuff and I cannot even believe it… does not feel real…..

Sending love to us all,


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