Awakening And Comfort Zones

Oh beautiful friend, beautiful Sistar Goddess!

It is like you are in my head! You say it so perfectly. And what a great reminder for me. I have been focusing on”trying” to eat healthy. And in my head, hoping I will lose weight. Oy! I got caught in that 3D trip/trap again! And I just had an aha moment…… When I really enjoy my meal, I don’t think I will lose weight. Hmmmmm……

Your gorgeous words remedied/reminded me.

I KNOW THIS! I do, I do. Got caught up.

Your video is sublime!

Thank you so much for this!

Love you dear Maria! And I love us all!!!!

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Artwork by Maria Chambers

Many of us are noticing that if we insist on remaining in our old comfort zones, of doing things from a place of lack, we get nowhere, or worse.  It seems we can no longer get away with it.  Of course this is a good sign and it means we are awakening more to our expanded selves.  But it’s pushing us to stand out more.  And there is still a part of us that is concerned about doing that, about how we will be viewed by our brothers and sisters who still reside in the matrix, and whose feet are firmly planted in struggle.

But we are clearly being asked to choose.  Because one choice brings us in alignment, and the other sets us up for more discomfort.  It seems we can no longer straddle the fence.

Not that there are any wrong choices, because it all…

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