Enlightenment And Suffering

Dearest Sistar Goddess—-a whole lotta transmuting going on……..
“As men and women who are embodying our christ consciousness, we risk making our fellow humans feel even more uncomfortable.  We witness what these potent energies are doing to our personal lives, and our bodies and emotions.  Imagine what they could do to those we come into contact with.  This radiance is benevolent, but it also brings to the surface all that has been in shadow.  To be acknowledged, and loved.  And then it gets transmuted.”

Wow! I love reading your blog posts as they say it so well what I have been getting. I have overwhelmed others with my energy for years…..and still figuring out how to be out there.

I have been doing a chant that helps to move out of 3D and not take it on anymore….not be tweaked by 3D stuff and humans……letting it all go……

love you tons! AND thanks!
I am like HOlly…..I missed this one. xoxoxo

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

As human beings, we are intimate with the energy of suffering.  From cradle to grave.  We spent lifetimes trying to run from it, but found it around every corner.  Through suffering we were playing our our galactic story beautifully, exploring the many facets of it.  We played both the victim of suffering and the perpetrator.  

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