I Don’t Care

I hear you sistar goddess! I have a chant that has helped me to get there……It is for giving it up to the Divine and also shifting out of 3D caring…..things don’t tweak me…..things don’t affect me in that old way. In the bliss…..the ananda*……..wahe guru**…….

* extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.
** an exclamation of unfathomable ecstasy

A fun article about the mantra Wahe Guru.

love us all!!!!!

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Artwork by Maria Chambers

When I am in this state of pure bliss, I don’t care about my dirty car, or about the state of affairs in the world.  Or even about the state of my own body, or finances.  When I am blissed out, I don’t care about my family and friends, and I certainly don’t care about my history, my old story, my ancestors, or my spiritual family back home.

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