The Advanced Guard: Claim Your Magnificence

Dear SiSTAR—–Again…I hear you loud and clear… say it so well.

I had an interesting blast from the past come up this morning, old 3D shit…….around my father……and so I am sitting with it but getting pretty loud and clear that this is NOT my business……..not my job…….AND it is so counter to all that this society thinks around family and parents and taking care of them, etc etc……..

I love what you say, “We’ve done all the heavy lifting already.  We have for the most part done what we came here to do.  Now we want to stick around and just enjoy life, which could mean to express and share our wisdom with others, and/or to just feel this environment in the most sensual of ways.”

OH MY GOSH! yes yes yes……..This is so true and what a great reminder and confirmation for me. Thank you!

My main soul type is a CAN DO and I have this little piece of me that keeps thinking I must DO something….heehee……..and I keep getting reinforced that this is old me, old stuff, old 3D……

letting it all go.

Thanks for being you and sharing your messages with us. So lovely to not feel SO ALONE!

love you, dear SiSTAR Goddess!!!!!


PS. Great example from Back to the Future….heehee

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Artwork by Maria Chambers

As I observe folks, get to know them and look at their personal history, I see that for the most part they are pretty established in their patterns.  Much of what they do and think is in lock-step with the rest of humanity.  They may come from different cultures, races and are male or female genders, But their basic human patterns are based in duality.

Very few humans recognize their own soul.

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