This message from the Universe may not be what you’re expecting

Oh yes….. Oh yes!

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew

“Sunrise on the Beartooth Mountains” oil on canvas / Danielle Egnew

The Universe has been busy transferring information on this current time frame. It seems that with every day, the news erupts with yet another scandal, ripple, or eyebrow-raising tale from our Capitol. And for every headline, my spiritual ticker-tape explodes with the spiritual mechanics of the situation.

So hang onto your front seats, everybody, because we have Team Light swooping in to save the day with our current world consciousness situation.

And congratulations – because that Team Light – is you!

The Hubris exercise that we’ve been watching since this past November is coming to an end sooner than later. We the people, the collective body, the collective consciousness, have stepped up and continue to step up, establishing a solid perimeter, a #FirewallForLove, that is becoming impassible by those who wish to turn back the clock.

This heaviness, this…

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