Do WHATEVER it takes to LAUGH!

A Sadhu Shares

Originally posted: September 2014

Oh Beautiful Beings–we salute you! We even salute you with a latte and that may be the best way! 🙂 We needed to interject some fun humor into this day as it is starting to be a little wet and a little grey sky in the Pacific NW where Elizabeth is now. She loves all the weather but humor is GOOD, right?

So today is a good day to talk about humor. We want you all to KNOW that laughing WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER! Sorry for the yelling but there are many out there who feel that they cannot laugh because of their life circumstances. Please know that laughing HELPS! Every single last time. If you have a loved one who has passed into another realm, then KNOW that they want you to LAUGH! AND they say they are still with you and they are having a grand time. They are unencumbered by that pesky human body. Humans don’t realize that death is NOT the end. Perhaps you are in the midst of some troubling and worrisome family times; take time EACH and EVERY day to LAUGH! Watch a funny movie, check out some fun YouTube videos. Make it a point to laugh. This will help. We cannot begin to explain the scientific reasoning behind why this helps but we KNOW that it does and it will. It shifts energy, also. Even if you are crying and laughing at the same time, that is fine! Shifting……Perhaps you are just feeling a little unhappy with yourself. Perhaps you don’t feel that you are  in a career that is right for you, perhaps you don’t feel that you do enough exercise, perhaps you are looking for a life partner, perhaps you feel you need to lose or gain weight. LAUGH! Yes, laugh. Do WHATEVER it takes to laugh. We must insist! And of course, it is totally your choice. We ask that you try it for a week and see how you feel. See if things have shifted. Try it, please.

We love you with huge belly laughs and joy! The Beans and Elizabeth 

Please read this article from my dear mentor/friend. He talks about death. Beautiful!


PS. My dear mentor/BF Michael, who wrote the above post at Talking Hearts, passed into another dimension last October 2016. He immediately came to me (I am a Medium) and is so so happy. He talks to me often and is so happy to be free from his physical body. He is giddy with joy. He is with his beloved/my beloved Archangel Michael. They call themselves the M&Ms to me…….they often act silly and help me to laugh and stay light. YAY!!! muah muah muah……

I love you all!

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