Women As Ascended Masters

Oh dearest Sistar Goddess! Oh yes! I so needed to read this today. Thank you twenty kazillion times! 🙂

I love the song! Now’s The Time! Hell yes!

I am an Empath and I believe that I have been transmuting a lot of energy recently……..perhaps it is time to let that shit go….heehee
I have been transmuting so much through this wonderful body of mine…..holding a little weight……. ❤ 🙂

I just believe I finished with my mum……..my hubby is out of town and my mum asked me to come and spend the night at her house (she lives about an hour away) and I shuddered inside and then found myself telling her (this was NOT planned) that I have a hard time being with her because she is so negative…..She is completely immersed in FOX land and says that Trump is the only sane one……just to give you a feel…….I tried to explain how it affects me and that perhaps she could try not immersing herself and she might feel better (she always complains of being tired and she has a slow growing cancer)……I then got an email from her saying that if I would accept Jesus then I would be able to handle reality…..and that she was not giving up on reality, as ugly as it might be. So basically she told me that she is choosing Trump and Fox and and and instead of me. So, now I am liberated from that……although I did have some grief around it.

Which fit what you said "We came here to embody our Christ Consciousness. To demonstrate a type of self-love that humanity has never seen, especially in a woman. A type of self-love that makes her behave in some really selfish ways. But they are simply self-caring ways."

AND then you said this, "But now they will have to go within and depend upon their own nurturance. They will find that their own Divine Feminine was there all along. They will come to honor and trust their Divine Feminine and work with her to balance their own life."

I am releasing all to that Divine Feminine……..thank you thank you thank you!

Anyway, part of my journey………

much love to us all……..love you dear Sistar Goddess Maria!


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Art by a Maria Chambers

It is true that as our soul, we are genderless, but I find it interesting that most of the Ascended Masters I have heard of have been men  One could argue that history, in this case spiritual history, had a way of not recognizing the achievements of the female of our species.  But I suspect that’s not the case here.

So, female Ascended Masters. Mother Theresa doesn’t count.  She never got past playing the martyr.  Yeshua played the martyr at the end there…but then he transcended it when he recognized that playing martyr gets you nowhere.

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3 thoughts on “Women As Ascended Masters

  1. I loved this peace too. Now I understand why so many of my channels have highlighted the end of victimization and care taking.

    And kudos, kudos, kudos for allowing your mom to be and celebrating the same in yourself. YES to pom poms of joy at daring to be you despite your mothers need to create a 3D clone of shoulds and have tos!!!!!
    Love and Joy Sparkles,

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  2. Thank you dear friend! My mother just unfriended and blocked my beloved husband on Facebook…….he never made one comment on her “interesting” posts.

    I realize that I am liberated.

    love you tons!


    1. Dear Sweetie,
      NO WAY!!! Your mother must be in such fear. How wonderful you’ve been able to shift beyond the fear you must have been surrounded by when you were young – and that you didn’t pass that fear to your children. “Not on my watch” definitely applies to the life you’ve created since leaving your 3D home of origin. YES!!!!
      Lots of Love,

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