Wallowing in Gratitude

Wallowing in Gratitude


Dearest humans—

It came to me recently that I was ready for a new project. Something that is most every day and doesn’t involve a lot of time, but would be satisfying. Thus, I am going to get my blogging going again. This blog is a combo sharing of me and my guides, The Beans.

Hello there happy people! YES, YOU happy people. AND you can be happy. Just decide to focus on happy happy…..instead of sad, grumpy, anger, angst. You get the picture. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to feel the feelings, but there is no need to wallow around in them, unless that brings you joy. AND we have noticed that there are some humans who love wallowing around in anger and angst. So go for it!

If you want to feel more joy, more happiness in your life, all you have to do is start with some small tiny thing. My dear friend/mentor called it a “tiny target”. What are you grateful for? Wallow on that. We like to say wallowing in gratitude. Give it a test. Try for a couple of weeks or for 40 days an experiment. Wallow in gratitude and see where it takes your brain, your soul, your heart, your being. Perhaps all you can conjure up is the fact that you are breathing……or you have food every day. That is perfect. All good. All divine. All in lovely wallowing……..

WE would love to have you wallow in gratitude for yourself. See if you can do that or build your way up to that. WE know that so many humans are wounded and don’t know how to get out of it. Counseling, meditation, yoga, exercise, chanting, praying……..the humans have done it all…..we know this human, Elizabeth, has. You humans are so hard on yourselves…….Just BE. Stop trying so much…….wallow in gratitude. Pick something small every day. And make that your focus.

WE love you to the ends of infinity and back.

Elizabeth and The Beans

PS. We recognize that you will do whatever you want to do and these suggestions are lovingly and kindly meant.

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