Cloud Council

Blog 8-5-18
My Life as a Sadhu
Cloud Council
Hello beautiful ones…..perfect ones……I have been off camping for a few days and at some point in that lovely time it occurred to me to share the download I received a couple of years ago. I call it the Cloud Council. I have found that it enhances my life tremendously. It is such a problem solving tool. AND an uplifting tool. A perfect mindfulness practice.
Imagine that you are in a lovely cloud with either just your highest self or with someone’s highest self that you may be having an issue with. I often put myself and my beloved hubby there to work out issues. WE don’t have a lot of issues but this is a beautiful way to clear and smooth the way towards peace. Always ask for the highest energy (money, communication, etc) and the highest selves to be present.
Whatever comes to your mind’s eye. You are the captain of your Cloud Council. Use those images and ask the Beings who you want to join you. I often see myself facing my honey, holding both hands. Sometimes we are looking at each other, sometimes not. I ask any Beings to come and support us. For me this is pretty much always AA Michael and my dear passed mentor/friend, Michael J. Lincoln. They are together and call themselves the M&Ms to me. 🙂 I ask for clarity, for guidance, for success…..etc. If you are having money issues or questions, I suggest that asking the highest energy of money to sit with you there will be most beneficial. When I work with clients, sometimes it comes up to ask the highest energy of their attorney, or a business partner to join. It is NOT about talking it out, it is about sitting with the energy, asking for help, and breathing. Not about solving……trusting that it will be solved in perfect divine timing and energy. As humans we are limited in our possibility thinking so if we can leave it all open to Divine energy, then a resolution will come and it will be more beautiful than imagined. (I had this happen just yesterday. <3)
The Beans:
Dearest Perfect Beings…….yes YOU!
WE highly recommend this practice of the Cloud Council. It uplifts the issue. Use it for the smallest or largest of situations…..communication, money, loving yourself, being healthy, cultivating joy and happy, needing a new job or shifting the energy at the current one. We suggest any and all. Whatever comes to your mind that needs lifting up. And don’t feel that you need to work at it. Just bring your highest self. Other human’s highest selves. As applicable. Any Beings that come to mind (they are already only bringing their highest selves.) We recognize that asking for your highest self as a human does not indicate that you are less or imperfect. Asking your highest self to attend and be present is just a reminder that you don’t need to work this out at a human level. We are knowing that on a human level this has been tried and tried…..endless discussion and not often understanding, right? IN fact, trying to work on it only holds it back. This is a perfect mindful practice, eh? So, that is the reason to ask for all highest selves, highest energy to be present. Nothing else to do. Just BE. Elizabeth always sees it up high and in a cloud, sometimes at a table, often holding hands…….Whatever image works for you. It is all good. Try it and see what happens. WE would be delighted to hear back from you all.
Much love, so much love for all you perfect (ALL OF YOU) humans.

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