Blog 8-8-18

My Life as a Sadhu


Hello everyone—I have been thinking and thinking about this one. What do I owe to my family? What do I owe to my friends? What do I owe to myself? It has been quite hard to figure this out. I have been an ultra responsible person my whole life. I basically raised myself, with not very present parents, who were into drugs and alcohol my whole growing up years. I know it is all good because I learned a lot of things and it made me a strong person. I am a good person. But where does my loyalty lie? Is it with me and putting me first? Or do I put all others first? I know the answer now but this has been a challenge for me and very guilt inducing…….

The Beans

Dearest……we know that you know this now but KNOW it to the depths of your soul that you MUST put yourself FIRST. There is no other way. It is the old “put the oxygen mask on yourself first…”. And you are done with taking care of others in that way. Your beautiful children are grown and capable and wonderful beings. Your mother and father are fine. You don’t need to take care of them in any way, unless you REALLY REALLY want to. You don’t even need to take care of your dearest hubby, except what you really really want to do. He is very capable and encourages you most beautifully to take care of you.

We are speaking directly to Sadhu, but we recognize that this will elicit a response in many of you. This is a hard one. Letting go of feeling responsible and letting go of taking care is HUGE. Imagine that you have huge scissors to cut those cords. Imagine whatever you need to imagine to let go of that feeling of responsibility……the obligations. The touchstone is, “if it brings you joy, go for it!” JOY is the key factor here. Take a moment to feel it in your body, if you are not sure. Let go of shoulds, obligations, responsibilities. IT IS TIME!

When we say to put yourself first, we don’t mean this in a narcissistic way. This is about self care. This is about knowing that you are important and must take care of you to be healthy and happy and live a beautiful, joyful and fulfilled life.

We love you humans dearly!

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