How Old Am I Really?

Blog 8-12-18

My Life as a Sadhu

How Old Am I Really?

Dearest humans—I don’t think I have been feeling agitated over the last few weeks with all the eclipses, etc. Perhaps a little but it moves swiftly away as I stay in my joy. Tomorrow is my 61st birthday which just sounds surreal. I am certainly NOT that old……at least in thought and body and feeling……I know the numbers are accurate as I was born on 8-13-1957 at 9:15 am Pacific time. This is true. I have seen the birth certificate. Ha! What is real? Do we buy into the numbers or do we go with the feeling of our deepest and highest selves? I say, Door Number Two! Yes, I am going with my amazing YOUNG feeling, Joy Filled self. That is my REAL self, my inner self, my soul. Don’t get me wrong, I have some sublime wisdom of all those years……I have done a lot of healing work over those years. AND, in some ways I am a completely different person than I was at age 18 or 25 or 33. AND I am sublimely grateful. I am wallowing in gratitude. YAY! Let’s see what The Beans have to say:

The Beans:

You are no number. Or numbers. You are infinite and timeless. You are ancient and you are young. Some days you are an old lady and some days you are a young whippersnapper. AND it is all perfect. It is all good. It does not matter. You are living your life in each moment by moment, because that is the way of New Earth……whatever dimension you like. 5D, 6D, 7D…….yes yes yes. So, some days you may want to be like a little granny and just sit and read, sew or knit or watch a movie. Some days you want to go out in the world and ride your bike, dance a lot, talk to people and eat yummy food. It is all perfect. There are no shoulds. There are no expectations from the angelic world, there may be some from the people around you, but you must GO YOUR WAY, TAKE YOUR PATH! We needed to shout that a bit so you would take it in. Don’t ever let others dictate to you what you must do.

Wallow in your beauty and wisdom. Wallow in your timelessness. Wallow in your love of life. Wallow in your strong body and great humor. Wallow in your loving relationships with those humans who get who you are. Wallow in your fabulous life and your loving spouse. #wallowingingratitude. Hee hee. We can use hashtags, too.

This message may be geared towards the Sadhu, aka Elizabeth, but it will be pertinent to those who get it. To those who need to read it.

So much love coming your way and we are shaking our pom poms with purple and teal and silver sparkles.

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