What Have I Learned This Year?

Blog post 9-2-18

My Life as a Sadhu

What Have I learned this Year? (so far)

Fall is such a great time for new starts and realizations of what has been achieved over the summer months……..I had some lovely realizations with help from a lovely group of kindreds on a beautiful blog that I follow by my friend, Maria Chambers. https://soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com/

Check it out. A wise woman and lovely friend.

  • Boundaries……they can be moved and shifted…..they don’t have to be the same ALWAYS and FOREVER!
  • Sometimes you just need to have a big old tantrum…..to shift energies. I had 3 this year and 2 were with hubby…..helped tremendously….even if I felt a little embarrassed. Unplanned….just coming out. One of the tantrums was with a committee I am on. I was doing WAY TOO MUCH (ha–boundaries anyone? taking on too much? heehee) and I was resentful. They let me do too much because I am super fast and efficient…..so basically I DID it to me. Now they are doing a lot more and we are ALL having more fun. I had to learn to let go and ask for help! (see below.)
  • The more I love, honor and respect myself, the more others reflect that back at me…..including (especially?) my dearest hubby. Now I know this seems super obvious but this was a big one for me to get.
  • I learned that as an Empath, I am a transmuter of energy. This is part of my soul’s path. So, now instead of trying to block what is coming at me or around me, I let it come through and then push that magical button, as though I am a garbage disposal, transmuting that energy.
  • WE are like snails leaving a trail of xxxxxxxx…do I want to leave a trail of joy or of anger or of frustration? So, I am starting a joy epidemic. #joyepidemic Not to deny feelings, but to let them flow through…..taking care of me and doing what brings ME absolute joy joy joy……..just call me the Warrior Goddess of Joy. The title came to me a few years ago…….still getting it, eh?
  • It’s absolutely OKAY to ASK for help and love and support!!!!! WOW, this was big. I thought I had to do it all myself….and I am super fucking efficient and fast fast fast……so why would I need to ask anyone for help when I am so good at doing it all myself? heehee…..jokes on me. ha! My honey is really great about helping me with this one. He says to me, “you’re retired, why are you so stressed out?” He is really great about SO MANY things!
  • Dancing more more more……
  • Laughing more more more…..
  • Cultivating more silly silly silly……..
  • AND loving more more more……
  • Here I am at 61 years of age (those are just the numbers, by the way) and I realized that I am a mega OVER-ACHIEVER! HA! Cracks me up. I said to my honey one day, “I guess I am tightly wound.” He said, “you think?” heehee…….so the realization is We can learn new shit about ourselves ALL the time…….
  • My path is all about joy and gratitude. #joyepidemic #wallowingingratitude #cultivatesilly

The Beans say:

Oh dearest Sadhu, you get it……these are super important realizations. YAY for you! We are shaking our purple sparkly pom poms in your honor. We are holding a parade in your honor……and for all those beings who are on their path, in other words, everyone. Now, keeping in mind, everyone is ON their path…..but many are following what they THINK they SHOULD do, many are following their family paths, many are following what is the society path……..NOT everyone feels that they can follow their JOY PATH! Keep up the excellent example, oh Warrior Goddess of Joy, of starting your joy epidemic…….oh yes! Oh yes! Many will be and are inspired by you……and many will not get it at all…..There are many humans out there who really get a lot of juice (joy?) from a sad and angry and depressed path……and that is ok. This is all an inside job for EACH HUMAN. You can only DO YOU!

We love you to the stars and back and all the planets and all the asteroids and all the grains of sand and all the particles of dirt and all the ants and worms and birds and bees…….Ha! We knew that would make you laugh. xoxoxoxo


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