Be Inspired, not Frustrated

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My Life as a Sadhu

Be Inspired, not Frustrated

Wow, so much has been going on, where do I start? I have had some lovely realizations that have been so beautiful and so helpful. On thing I realized is that I am going to be inspired by humans instead of frustrated. I am not often frustrated, but I want to shift this energy. What I realized is that my beloved hubby, and many men to be frank, just do what they want without considering other folk around them. Not in a mean kind of way but just because they can. I know I have accommodated this over my life. As a woman of my generation, I learned to accommodate and compromise and bend to the will of the man in the house. But if we say this to them, they are appalled and aghast because they think they compromise a lot. I laugh……and it is all good……I have learned to speak up for myself more. AND it is really my own fault if I don’t get what I want, and what brings me joy because I have to SPEAK IT!

A great example was my birthday this year. I realized after the fact that I did what I thought my hubby would like to do. AND I had a birthday that did not bring me a lot of joy. Oh well! Lesson learned. Then as I have been watching how my beloved hubby does his birthday, I am filled with awe and I am so inspired. He said what HE wanted and we did it. That is awesome! Thank you so much for inspiring me, honey bunny!

So I am learning and growing even at the crazy ass age of 61! Sometimes it takes some effort for me to speak up. I have also done some great boundary setting this year. It feels awesome. It took a lot of work and effort and angst to do that but I am so much happier now. I was living with something that I let give me a lot of grief and frustration and not a lot of joy. It is much better now.

What do The Beans have to say to this?

The Beans

Hey Sadhu! You are rocking it, sweetie…….this was a HUGE and very IMPORTANT realization for you to have. SO important. This will change your life to the better…..and it was already great! We are so proud of you!!! Stick to it……Human men are slightly clueless about their privilege and white men are even more clueless about their privilege. AND that is okay. Things are shifting……more and more humans are speaking out and speaking up and SPEAKING! YAY! We are so excited about the shifting going on and although things look a little bleak (a little you say????!!!!????) there is good shit happening. Keep the faith. Hold the line. Keep speaking up when you feel called. Tell your ma, tell your pa…….Keep on the joy snail trail of love…….this stuff that appears immovable and hopeless is NOT. Things are SHIFTING big time!

We love you and are here for you!



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