Mass Consciousness

I am with Gail. 100% and so comforting and confirming……..OH MY GOSH!

Thank you dearest Sistar goddess friend, delightful and amazing writer for your clarity and for saying it so beautifully! yes yes yes yes yes……………….

I am struggling with this a bit for myself because at age 61 I realized that I am a fricking OVERACHIEVER! Sheesh!

I must have alone and quiet time. I MUST to stay sane. I live in a very small house with my honey and sometimes I feel that I must get out of the house to have alone quiet. BUT, I am figuring it out.

AND I love my life, the quieter the better……



Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

AA377F6C-6845-4500-B72F-FFA210E8B75CI remember, in my ‘former’ life I could accomplish a lot of things in a day.  I would run around, filling my day with various activities.  Visiting different people, or they visiting me.  Family, friends, lovers, husbands, jobs.  There was a part of me that thrived on it.  Now, if there is one thing I have to do in a day, like go to the dentist, or grocery shopping, or see a friend for lunch, that’s an over-filled schedule.

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