“Good White People”

Thanks to Joyce Bay Coleman for posting this.


nothingmoreurgent01_greyscalea Artwork by Josh MacPhee – There is Nothing More Urgent Then Freedom, Amplifier Art

Good white people are all around us. They are white and want to be seen as doing good in understanding race. They are well-intentioned, sometimes on their way to wokeness, sometimes a little clumsy, and sometimes a little too sweet. Good white people are all over the place. They are in schools, at the grocery store, your gentrifying neighbor who moved to your neighborhood because they love diversity.

Good white people are just that – good white people. Where it becomes a thing to note and manage is when good white people stop there and figure because they are good they are exempt from having to dig deeper to learn about race and actively work to disrupt racism.

If you want to identify a good white person here are some things to look for:

  1. They are…

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