Are You a World Whack-a-Mole Caretaker?

I got such a great chuckle when I read the title! Thanks for that.

And then I had a huge realization as I read this. Thanks again. SO needed.

Just last night I was still thinking I need to do activist work. I won’t shut up if I see Injustice but I don’t have to carry it. And then I REALIZED that my shoulders, which have always been tight and tense, are still carrying the world. Over the last 6 months in particular my right shoulder in particular has been in a lot of pain. Big aha! And The Beans confirm. Let it roll right off……. And here I thought I’d stopped caretaking. Ha! Shoulders are done with being in service to the world….. They are now finding their joy. ♥️🤣🎉

I’ll keep holding onto my belief that the world is in a HUGE freaking healing crisis. We are at the ugly, horrible, pus-filled, it’s never going to heal, I need to do something, we’re all doomed phase. It feels really really really BAD. REALLY BAD. But we all have to do our own inner work, our own healing….. It’s an inside job and the more we let go, the more we just BE in our joy, let others find their OWN joy, that is when the big healing will shift the world.

Thanks so much, dearest Brenda, for this channel and for helping me to see some light. Love you so much!

Now, I’m practicing relaxing my shoulders…. Breathing into them. Ha!

One of our best joys started up its season again last Saturday…. Contra dancing! And I was having some pain in my foot….. Which makes it hard to dance. Going to make an appointment with my doc, but I’m looking at what this might mean emotionally in terms of blocking my joy. Hmmmmmmmm…………….

Also, I realized that sometimes, some days, my great joy is doing absolutely NOTHING. Dropping my OLD (lifetimes) over-achiever guilt. 🤗🤗♥️♥️✂️✂️✂️🎂🎂🎂👑👑👑🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Loving us all!

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Summary of Brenda’s September 20, 2019, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  You’ve been preparing for 2020 since 2012. So it is you’ll discover new skills throughout the next 3 months. Those following won’t experience the same for they’re completing phases you completed earlier. And those of 3D will become more fully enmeshed in fear, anger, illogic, rage, and pain.  For they accepted a challenging earth role – pushing all who wish to be of 5D or beyond out of the 3D nest. 

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Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

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We wish to address the uneasiness you feel about your future and the future of the earth.  For even though you have been informed that…

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